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Thursday, April 30, 2020

National Family Support Scheme- SankatMochan (NFBS) Yojana -Rs 20000 Assistance (Sahay)

National Family Support Scheme- SankatMochan (NFBS)

National Family Support Scheme- SankatMochan (NFBS) Yojana -Rs 20000 Assistance (Sahay)

The prime benefits of NFBS are its financial 
support for dependent beneficiaries . While the emotional loss or mental anguish can ' t be replaced with anything , financial assistance can make life easier for the deceased 's family , especially those living under the poverty line . One can find more 
information about the benefits by downloading the pdf document with the guidelines of the scheme . 

One could avail the form by clicking on the link enclosed herein . Similarly , filled - in Application forms are to be submitted to the designated officer appointed by the respective state governments . At the district level , the implementation of the scheme has been entrusted to Zila Parishad or its equivalent . At the local level , 
the Gram Panchayat / Municipality would 
implement the scheme . 

National Family Support Scheme - Sankat Mochan ( NFBS ) : 

(A) Elligibility Criteria:

1. Family should be in BPL List 
2. Natural or accidental death of main income earner of family 
3. Age of dead male or female should be more than 18 years and less than 60 years 
4. Application to be submitted within 2 years after death  

(B) Benefits: Rs. 20,000/- to the family.  

(C) Where to apply? 

 Apply to respectiveTalukaMamlatdar.
The TalukaMamlatdars are authorized to approve or disapprove the assistance under this scheme. Appeal can be given to Prant Officer in 60 days in case of disapproval of application

Sankatmochan Yojana :Read In Gujarati
Application Form : Download Here

Model School , Model Day School & KGBV Admission Notification 2020-21

Model School , Model Day School & KGBV Admission Notification 2020-21

Model School , Model Day School & KGBV Admission Notification 2020-21

Date of Notification :-20-04-2020

Name of Organization:-KGBV

Date of Application:-28-04-2020

Date of Exam :- will be Declared

Official Website:-

Model Schools Vision :-

 Since universalisation of elementary education has become a Constitutional mandate, it is absolutely essential to push this vision forward to move towards universalisation of secondary education, which has already been achieved in a large number of developed countries and several developing countries.

 Paras 5.13 – 5.15 of the National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986 (as modified in 1992) deal with Secondary Education. Para 5.13 of the NPE, inter- alia, stated that, “Access to Secondary Education will be widened with emphasis on enrolment of girls, SCs and STs, particularly in science, commerce and vocational streams……..”.  

Keeping this vision in mind, we may achieve the following targets:  Education provided in a Model school should be holistic and integral touching upon physical, emotional and aesthetic development in addition to academics. New schools may be established or existing schools may be converted in to Model schools. 

Adequate infrastructure should be provided in each such school for satisfying teaching needs, also for sports and co-curricular activities. The curriculum should cast the local culture and environment Learning should be activity based. These schools should have adequate ICT infrastructure, Internet connectivity and full time computer teachers. 

The Teacher Pupil Ratio should not exceed 1:25 and the classrooms will be spacious enough to accommodate at least 30 students. Classroom Students Ratio will not exceed 1:40. Schools will provide Arts and Music Teachers besides subject specific teachers as per the usual norms. These schools will also create facility for activities emphasizing Indian heritage and art & craft. Special emphasis may be given on teaching of Science, Maths and English. 

If required, bridge-courses may be introduced for weak students. The school curricula should include the material / items that inculcate leadership qualities, team spirit, participation abilities, development of soft skills and ability to deal with real life situations. Health Education and health check up will be introduced. A good library with books and magazines for students and teachers will be provided. Field trips and Educational tours will be an integral part of the curriculum.

 Medium of instruction will be left to State Governments. However, special emphasis will be given on English teaching & spoken English. Affiliation of these schools to a particular examination board will be left to State Governments. Selection of students will be though independent selections test. 

An independent process to be developed in consultation with State Governments for selection of Principals and Teachers will also be through. 

Model Schools Goal :-

To cater the need of Universalization of Secondary Education (USE), the paradigm shift in the conceptual design of Secondary Education will become necessary.  These may be the guiding principles in this regard -  Universal Access, Equality, Social Justice Relevance and Development Curricular and Structural Aspects Move towards equity .

These values are to be established in the system with participation of all types of schools (including unaided private schools) having contribution towards Universalization of Secondary Education (USE) by ensuring adequate enrollment for the children from under privileged society and the children Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.

Model Schools Objectives:-

In this goal achieving exercise following will be the main objectives :
To ensure that all Secondary Schools have physical facilities, staffs and supplies according to the prescribed standards through financial support from appropriate regulatory mechanism.

To improve access to Secondary Schooling to all young persons according to norms – through proximate location (say, Secondary Schools within 5 kms, and Higher Secondary Schools within 7-10 kms) Efficient and safe transport arrangements/residential facilities, depending on local circumstances including open schooling. In hilly and difficult areas, these norms can be relaxed. Preferably residential schools may be set up in such areas. 

To ensure that no child is deprived of Secondary Education of satisfactory quality due to gender, socio-economic, disability and other barriers. 

To improve quality of Secondary Education resulting in enhanced intellectual, social and cultural learning. 

To ensure that all students pursuing Secondary Education receive education of good quality.

Important Links

Notification (Jaherat): Click Here
Apply Online (Will Start From 28/4): Click Here

Gujarati short movie Gruh Lakshmi

Gujarati short movie Gruh Lakshmi

A structured settlement is a type of annuity that pays a civil action reward by dividing payments over a long period. A structured settlement often offers a better money guarantee than a one-off0 payment. In the case of financial problems or major events in life, however, structured payments can be settled on a lump-sump basis.

Despite all legal language, structured settlement are simple. Many lawsuits ensure that someone or a company pays money for another person to correct an error. Claimants can accept the settlement themselves or they can be forced to pay the money if they lose the case in court.

If the settlement is small enough, the injured party can get the chance to obtain a global agreement. However, a structured settlement pension can be agreed upon for larger agreements.
In this case, the debtor deposits the money into an annuity, a financial product that guarantees regular payments from an insurance company.
The structured settlement settlement states the number of payments received by the injured party as compensation for the damage suffered. Structuring money for a longer period offers a better future for financial security, because only one payment can be spent quickly.
Structured settlements became popular in the 1980 after the United States Congress adopted the regular payment law. According to the National Union of Structured Arrangements, about $ 6 billion of new structured settlements are spent annually.

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Good News Rajyana 5 lakh 28 hajar Karmachario ne Masik pagar Sampurnpane Chukavava ma aavashe

Good News Rajyana 5 lakh  28 hajar Karmachario ne Masik pagar Sampurnpane Chukavava ma aavashe

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