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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Top 10 Best Budgeting Apps to the Help Plan Your Month

 Top 10 Best Budgeting Apps to the Help Plan Your Month

Stylish Budgeting Apps

Still, a budgeting app may be a just what you need, If you need help reining in the your spending and getting your particular finances under control. There are a many budgeting apps to the choose from, each fighting to a distinguish itself from the others.

The number of plutocrat operation, particular finance, and budgeting apps is large, so it helps to the know which bones are the designed with the most druggies in a mind while the offering exclusive tools for those with a unique requirements. We ’ve done the hard work for the you, creating a list of the best budgeting apps out there.

Stylish Budgeting Apps

Stylish Overall :- Mint

Stylish to Keep From Overspending :- PocketGuard

Stylish for the Type-A Personalities :- You Need a Budget

Best for Just Budgeting :- Wally

Best for Cash Style Budgeting :- Mvelopes

Stylish for Couples :- Goodbudget

Best for Investors :- Personal Capital





Pros & Cons

  • Free to a use
  • Free TransUnion credit score updates

  • Druggies complain about the specialized issues
  • In-app announcements

સરકારે પાણી, ટીયર ગેસ અને લાઠી નો કર્યો ઉપયોગ @ OPS આંદોલન હરિયાણા # ૧૯-૨-૨૦૨૩

પેંશન પેંશન જોવાલાયક વિડીયો 


As the name implies, PocketGuard can be help guard you against spending too much. This budgeting app links to all of the your fiscal accounts and helps you track your spending compared to the your budget throughout by the month.

This app is one of the easiest to a set up and connect to the your bank accounts. It tracks how important you are the earning, follows what you are spending on a recreating bills and everyday charges, and tracks deposits into the your savings regard throughout a period.

This budgeting app indeed has a point to the help you track each individual bill and find openings to the save. PocketGuard looks out for the recreating bills from phone, Television, and Internet companies, for illustration, and helps you find a better deal on a your yearly service costs. Not only does it is help you track your budget, it helps you lower than your spending.

You Need a Budget

PRICE $98.99 per time or$14.99 per month



Pros & Cons

  •  34- day free trial
  • Unique system of the budgeting
  • Strong educational tools

  • Cost Ferocious system that takes time to a learn


You Need a Budget has a cult-suchlike following of the bones-hard suckers who hypercritically relate to the app as a YNAB. You Need a Budget has a unique approach compared to the other budgeting apps. Rather than counting on the traditional budgeting pails, you make your budget grounded on the your income, giving every bone a job in a your budget.

These jobs involve everything from the living charges to the debt payments, savings, or investments. Leaving no bone unaccounted for forces you to a suppose about the every bone you acquire and spend.

The app is great for individualities or couples working together on their budget. It is offers both desktop and mobile interfaces, options to the sync your bank accounts automatically or enter charges manually, and involve debt lucre and thing shadowing features to the help motivate you to the reach your plutocrat pretensions.

Purchase of land and construction of property on it.

બજેટ લાઈવ અહિથી જુઓ

Personal Capital offers a complete investment advising result, a mongrel robo- counsel, and a mortal counsel service in a one. The first one million bones invested is a charged a operation figure of0.89. Still, without paying a cent, you can be pierce Personal Capital’s free plutocrat tracking dashboard, which involve the some handy budgeting features.

Personal Capital puts the maturity of the emphasis on a investments, with free and automated analysis of the your investment freights, asset classes, and other important investment details.

The cash inflow and budgeting tools aren’t relatively as a expansive as other apps on this list, but they work just also the using the same automated shadowing of the purchases from linked accounts.



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Both iOS and Android got native QR Code scanners in 2021, thanks to Apple and Google adding the functionality to iOS 11 and Android 8 Oreo, respectively. However, the feature remains missing entirely in older iPhones (iOS 10.x and older) and Android devices (7.x Nougat and older). Thankfully, there are dozens of third-party apps that not only bring the functionality to older devices but also offer added features that are not available natively on either Android or iOS. So here’s a list of the best QR code and barcode scanner apps on Android and iOS.

Best Barcode and QR Code Scanners on Android and iOS


There are many QR Code and barcode scanner apps available on the Play Store and App Store, and we have rounded up 10 of the very best for you. Here, we list the best QR Code and barcode scanners available on Android and iOS so you don’t fall prey to malicious scanner apps that could jeopardize your privacy and security. Almost all of them are available on older devices and include a ton of useful features. But before we get to the list, let’s check out how you can use the built-in QR code scanner on Android devices. 

Scan QR Codes on Android Without a Third-Party App

The latest versions of Android (version 8.x Oreo and above) come with a native QR code scanner. To use the feature, first enable the Google app on your phone (if it isn’t already) and give it the requisite camera and microphone permissions to scan QR codes.

સર્વિસ બુકમાં નોંધ પાડવા માટે વિવિધ પ્રકારના સ્ટીકર ✅ *સર્વિસ બુકમાં વિવિધ પ્રકારની નોંધ પાડવા માટે રેડીમેડ સ્ટીકર* 👉 નિયમિત પગારની નોંધ 👉 હિન્દી પરીક્ષા મુક્તિની નોંધ 👉 સીસીસી પાસ કર્યાની નોંધ 👉 સામાન્ય વારસદાર નિયુક્તિ 👉 વિદ્યાસહાયક ફિક્સ પગારની સેવાઓ માન્ય રાખવા બાબત👉 નવી જૂથ વીમા યોજના 1/1/2003 👉 પિતૃત્વ રજા 👉 CPF/GPF નંબરની નોંધ 👉 સિવિલ સર્જન પ્રમાણપત્ર નોંધ 👉 વિદ્યાસહાયક નિમણુક 👉 બદલી છૂટા અને હાજર નોંધ 👉 અપંગ એલાઉન્સ/વાહન ભથ્થું 👉 કપાત રજા/પ્રસૂતિ રજા 👉 અન્ય તમામ સ્ટીકર

Now open up the camera app and point it at a QR Code. Next, tap on the Google Lens symbol. Depending on your device and Android version, you will either get an automatic popup to scan the code, or you might have to long-press the home button to activate Google Assistant and scan via Google Lens.

Monday, January 30, 2023




This Indian Geography quiz is the best way to improve your knowledge. 

This Indian Geography app has been developed for testing your skills of Indian Geography . This app has more than 10,000 multiple choice questions and answers. This Indian Geography quiz app suits for all lower, intermediate and higher levels. The questions at all levels will be displayed randomly. The user can improve Indian Geography knowledge and user can score well in high school, college and competitive level examinations. This is a free version and you can be used in both offline and online.

Indian Geography Quiz & Ebook in multiple languages

Indian Geography : Ebook and Quiz 

Languages available : English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali.

- Detailed books about Indian Geography, World Geography
- 40+ Educational Videos, Terminology/Glossary Sections
- 2500+ QA in Quiz format for you to try out, all for FREE.

App to refresh your knowledge on Geography as well to prepare for all competitive exams. 

- Study contents explaining about Indian Geography essential for exam preparation
- Coverage of questions covering wide variety of chapters
- Fast and best-in-class user interface, questions presented in a Quiz format
- App designed to work for all screens - Phones & Tablets
- Review your answers against right answers - Learn fast
- Detail reports on your performance of all quiz attended
- No limits on quiz, retry any number of times
- Question jump, seek, pause-resume, answer-review facilities provided
- Ability to share the current Q/A with your friends
- App works OFFLINE mode with NO advertisement in pro-version upgrade

Indian Geography UPSC Syllabus covered include : 

-  Climate of India
-  Physical Features, River systems
-  Transport System of India
-  Agriculture in India
-  Minerals and Industries
-  Coastline of India
-  States, Energy Resources
-  World Geography
-  Economic Infrastructure
-  Human Geography
-  General Awareness

India is a geographically rich and diverse country. Our country has all the features that one expects from a country. It has deserts, coastal areas, mountains, and plateaus. So yes, these are the physical geographical features of our country. Here let’s take a look at the physical map of India and the other primary physical geography of India.

A physical map of India shows all the physiographic regions of the nation. In terms of physiography, the country can be listed in the following regions:

• The Islands
• Coastal Plains
• The Peninsular Plateau
• The Great Indian Desert
• Northern Plains or Indo Gangetic Plains
• The Himalayan Mountain Ranges or Northern Mountains
• India physiographic regions
• India relief
• Geographic features of India
• India rivers - map showing the major rivers and hydrography of India
• India peaks - map showing the highest peaks and mountains in India.

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શનિવારે તાલીમ ન ગોઠવવા બાબત

7 tips to keep children away from mobile phone


7 tips to keep children away from mobile phone

 When we give the phone to our child for the first time, we're happy to see the way the kiddies operate the mobile phone. 

And we suppose that our child is veritably smart, but when we don't pay attention to the reasons of overwork on children and this small mistake of ours becomes the cause of bad habits of children which directly affect the education and health of children

concentrate his attention on other effects rather of the phone 7 tips to keep children down from mobile phones

If you do.
 in the dark at night When kiddies are connected to a smartphone, they do n’t like being anywhere without a phone or mobile. So rather of getting angry with them in this situation, spend time with them in some games and other conditioning so that the child’s attention can be diverted from the mobile 7 tips to keep children down from mobile phones 7 tips to keep children down from mobile phones

Children should noway make false pledges, it's frequently seen that parents tell their children that you'll finish their schoolwork beforehand and also you'll give them smartphone to operate. 

GPSC Exam Calendar 2022 -Check GPSC Exam Date at

 GPSC Exam Calendar 2022 -Check GPSC Exam Date at : 

GPSC Exam Calendar 2022: Gujarat Public Service Commission has released the Exam Calendar 2021 on its official website. Find all the details here and download the GPSC Exam Calendar 2022.

 Upcoming events, as well as important official notification related to GPSC Exam Calendar 2021, will be updated here instantly. Check all the details related to the GPSC Advertisement Calendar 2021 here and get benefited.

The Gujarat Public Service Commission was formed under article 315 in the Constitution of India in 1 May 1960. To select applicants for civil service jobs in the Indian state of Gujarat according to the merits of the applicants and the rules of reservation. It was formed in 1960.

GPSC Exam Calendar 2020: Gujarat Public Service Commission has released the Exam Calendar 2021 on its official website. Find all the details here and download the GPSC Exam Calendar 2022 Upcoming events, as well as important official notification related to GPSC Exam Calendar 2022, will be updated here instantly. Check all the details related to the GPSC Advertisement Calendar 2021 here and get benefited.

Gujarat Public Service Commission has officially released the Exam Calendar 2022 for the year 2022- Candidates can check the GPSC Exam Calendar 2023 and can start their preparation. Those candidates who have applied for various posts can pen download the important dates for the exam from the GPSC Advertisement Calendar 2021. Candidates can visit the GPSC official website for further updates related to the exam. The direct link to check the GPSC Advertisement Calendar 2020 has provided below.

GPSC exams are conducted by the Gujarat Public Service Commission. GPSC conducts various recruitment examinations for Class I, II and III vacancies in the Gujarat State Administration.

Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) has issued the updated Exam Calendar for the year 2021-for the numerous important notifications on its official website on . Earlier various exams were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now as the conditions are balanced, therefore, the exam calendar has been updated and the exams will begin from 22nd November 2021. The candidates who have applied in any of the GPSC recruitment programs can check the updated GPSC Calendar for the Examinations that are to be conducted during the year 2020-21 from the direct link mentioned in the article below.

The investigation into the situation caused by the transmission of the novel corona virus was carried out by the Gujarat Urban Services Commission on and that Then all the preliminary tests and main examinations were postponed. Among these exams are Computer Based exams Recruitment Test (CBRT) systems can be conducted at the Commission Building, the proposed program for the following examinations is done. For more information, candidates should visit the Commission’s website and or in our blog.

GPSC ભરતી પરીક્ષા કેલેન્ડર 

ડાઉનલોડ  PDF ફાઇલ 

Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) Exam Calendar 2022 (Revised) | Download PDF

Download PDF GPSC Exam Calendar 2022 as on 21-09-2022: Click Here


Name of Organization : GPSC

Official Website :

Category: New Recruit

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Tentative upcoming Advertisements of GPSC-2023-24 as on 30.01.2023

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