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Established in 1869, Purdue University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the suburban setting of the medium-sized town of West Lafayette (population range of 10,000-49,999 inhabitants), Indiana.

Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Higher Learning Commission, Purdue University (PU) is a very large (uniRank enrollment range: 40,000-44,999 students) coeducational higher education institution.

Purdue University (PU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees), bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details. This 150 years old higher-education institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students' past academic record and grades. The admission rate range is 50-60% making this US higher education organization a averagely selective institution. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.

Purdue University is the flagship institution of the Purdue University system, founded in 1869. The campus is located in the small city of West Lafayette – the most densely populated city in the state of Indiana.

There are 13 academic colleges and schools offering more than 200 different undergraduate majors, 70 postgraduate programmes and vocational degrees. The very first PhD awarded by the university in 1897 was in agricultural, in line with the college’s long tradition in agricultural science and engineering. The first Bachelor of Arts degree was not offered until 1959.

Even today, the engineering programme is still the most reputed and competitive, and the university has been influential on the history of aviation in the United States over the years.

The very first college credit in flight training and the first four-year bachelor programme in aviation were offered by Purdue. In 1934 Purdue University Airport was established as the first university-owned airport in the country.

Twenty-three Purdue alumni have become astronauts, including Neil Armstrong – the first person to walk on the moon – and Eugene Cernan – the last person to walk on the moon.

In 2010 the newest school was founded: The College of Health and Human Sciences, combining the School of Nursing, the School of Health Sciences, the College of Consumer and Family Sciences and psychology and hearing and speech pathology majors from the College of Liberal Arts.

official Website click here

In addition to more than 400 research labs, the Purdue Research Park, established in 1961, enables the university’s experienced researchers to develop their work in collaboration with private business and high-tech industries.

GSEB Purak Parixa 2022

Post CategoryGSEB 12th Science Supplementary Exam 2022
Application Start From30.05.2022
Application Last Date09.06.2022

GSEB 12th Science Purak Parixa 2022

Application for the exam can be done online from 20:00 on 20/09/207 to 5:00 pm on 08/02/207 till 5:00 pm.

Special Note

  • Government has exempted female candidates and disabled candidates from paying examination fee. Therefore, there is no need to charge examination fee from female candidates and disabled candidates. But online application (registration) is mandatory for supplementary examination 2022.
  • Instructions for online application and payment of fees are posted on the Official Website Notification

Notification | Official Website

Moghvari bhaththa babat letest updates.

 Moghwari bhaththa babat letest updates.

For maximum recovery, the hard drive must be handled by specially trained professionals in humidity, temperature, and the contaminant-controlled environment – commonly known as a Cleanroom. For complicated tasks such as physical damages or undetected hard drive, the recovery process is complex and needs specialized equipment and skills.

Data Which Can’t be Recovered
Although some service providers may claim 100% recovery is possible, you as the buyer need to understand that even with the latest equipment and advanced technology such figures are impossible to achieve. Similarly, there are some situations where data recovery is not possible. For example-

If the data was overwritten with new data, it can’t be recovered
Data can’t be recovered from a smartphone that has been factory reset.
In case of physical damage to the hard drive, if the data has been physically scrapped from the platter, it can’t be recovered.

List of Top Data Recovery Service Providers

Comparison of Top Five Recovery Companies
#1) Stellar Data Recovery
#2) Ontrack
#3) Gillware
#4) SalvageData Recovery
#5) Drivesavers
#6) Secure Data
#7) Seagate In-Lab Recovery
#8) WeRecoverData
#9) Disk Doctors
#10) DataTech Labs
#11) SERT
#12) Data Mechanix
#13) Ace Data Recovery

Why We Need Data Recovery Service
Sensitive information stored on these devices is not secure unless you take regular backups. Data stored on any storage device is prone to damages due to wear and tear of the mechanical parts in these devices, mishandling, or various other reasons. Facing a data loss situation either for professional or personal data is no fun.

Professional data recovery service is the process of recovering inaccessible, lost, corrupted or formatted data from various storage devices such as Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SDD), USB Drives, External Hard Drives, mobile phones, etc.

There can be multiple reasons for a storage device failure such as:
Virus attack
Physical damage
Mechanical failure
Natural disasters such as fire and flood
Further reading => Best Data Recovery Software Tools

Data Which Can be Recovered
It is important to understand that the data which is accidentally deleted or formatted still exists on the hard drive somewhere. Only the storage space where the data was stored is marked as available to store the new data.

Hence, data recovery is possible from such a storage device. The important point is to stop using the drive. It is also possible in case the hard drive is not detecting, inaccessible, or has physical damages.
A mutual fund company is an investment company that receives money from investors for the sole purpose to invest in stocks, bonds, and other securities for the benefit of the investors. A mutual fund is the portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities that generate profits for the investor, or shareholder of the mutual fund. A mutual fund allows an investor with less money to diversify his holdings for greater safety and to benefit from the expertise of professional fund managers. Mutual funds are generally safer, but less profitable, than stocks, and riskier, but more profitable than bonds or bank accounts, although its profit-risk profile can vary widely, depending on the fund's investment objective.
Most mutual funds are open-end funds, which sells new shares continuously or buys them back from the shareholder (redeems them), dealing directly with the investor (no-load funds) or through broker-dealers, who receive the sales load of a buy or sell order. The purchase price is the net asset value (NAV) at the end of the trading day, which is the total assets of the fund minus its liabilities divided by the number of shares outstanding for that day.

A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a smart and hassle free mode for investing money in mutual funds. SIP allows you to invest a certain pre-determined amount at a regular interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). A SIP is a planned approach towards investments and helps you inculcate the habit of saving and building wealth for the future.

A SIP is a flexible and easy investment plan. Your money is auto-debited from your bank account and invested into a specific mutual fund scheme.You are allocated certain number of units based on the ongoing market rate (called NAV or net asset value) for the day.

For example, an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom allows 100,000 particles (0.1 microns or larger) per cubic meter, and an ISO 4 Class 10 allows 10,000 particles per cubic meter. Hence, an ISO 4 Class 10 Cleanroom is cleaner than an ISO 5 Class 100. Details of ISO Cleanroom standards are given in the table below.

ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards
ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards
Points to Remember in Data Loss Situations

When your hard drive or any other storage device becomes inaccessible, or there is any physical damage to it, it is crucial that you don’t panic. In this situation, you should know what you should NOT do rather than what you should do. While facing data loss, please refrain from the following:

Do not tamper with or mishandle the storage device. This is one of the primary causes of permanent data loss.
Do not format the storage device, it might make data recovery more difficult.
Do not store any new data on the storage device. It will overwrite the old data and will make recovery impossible.

If your hard drive is making a scraping, tapping, clicking or humming sounds, please do not use any recovery software it might damage the drive further.

Do not change electronic components as this may cause permanent data loss

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મોંઘવારી ભથ્થા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ સમાચાર⤵️⤵️



04/10/22 Latest Updates

HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter


HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter

HealthifyMe is a health and fitness app that provides weight loss diet plans and personal trainers. With an easy Google Fit and Samsung Health integration, it keeps you fit on all devices!

The app powers you with a hand wash tracker, sleep tracker, workout tracker, weight loss tracker & calorie tracker. Known as India’s best dietitian app, it can help you reach your fitness goals.

HealthifyMe also includes no-equipment home workout videos for men & women such as:
Full-body workouts – abs, belly fat, biceps, chest, arms, shoulder, & quads. Yoga – stretching exercises & breathing practices. When it comes to fitness, it is an all-in-all training app with personal trainers who understand your preferences and provide a tailored workout plan.

જો તમે વધતા વજનથી પરેશાન છો તો આજથી જ કરો આ ઉપાયો,


This diet app also has daily challenges with friends to improve fitness & lose weight. A motivated training club keeps your spirits up and ensures that you stick to the diet plan and exercise app.

Weight loss isn’t hard. This weight loss training app’s calorie counter helps you lose weight & get fit with health data, fitness trackers & a specialized diet plan. Let your calorie counter, diet chart, and nutrition calculator guide you to your fat loss goals. Eating right is made easy with the many healthy recipes. This weight loss trainer app is known for diet plan weight loss, with lakhs of people having experienced fitness transformations.

1. Lose weight with a personal diet plan to build immunity & achieve health and fitness goals. HealthifyMe creates a diet chart and meal planner from your health data and BMI so you know exactly how to go about your diet and workout.
2. Eat healthy with your nutrition and calorie calculator! Log meals with a touch, check your macros, or simply take a photo of your lunch. Access the largest database of Indian foods including international cuisines & healthy recipes, from dal to dosa, with Indian serving sizes.
3. Count calories: view your health data, weight loss, fat loss progress & daily calories at a glance. Make calorie counting a habit while you start healthy eating habits.
4. Track your health data with a nutrition calculator that breaks down protein, fibre & carbohydrate intake with accurate macro-nutrient mapping.
5. Get personalized health & weight loss suggestions 24* 7 from Ria, the world’s first AI-powered nutritionist, driven by over 200 Million food & gym logs. Get instant answers, insights, and feedback on your diet plan and workouts.
6. Your diet chart, fat loss, gym & yoga routine is even more effective with expert help! Connect with professional yoga instructors, nutritionists & dieticians to enjoy dedicated one-on-one coaching.*
7. Your specialized diet plan lets you easily manage dietary health conditions (diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, cholesterol, hypertension) & help the overall immune system fight viral & bacterial infections.
8. Find health advice, recipes and your daily dose of motivation for your fitness goals through fresh content on your app’s feed, every day.

Start your weight loss journey today & use your calorie counter to track progress. Join 15 million users who have lost weight and gained confidence with our award-winning health and calorie tracker. Eat better, lose weight and Healthify yourself!

The trust of hospitals like Manipal, Medanta, Cloud9 & Sakra along with the guidance of some of the best healthcare practitioners enables HealthifyMe to combine technology and the latest medical science to deliver the best in fitness and weight loss solutions.


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Chief Minister scholarships Scheme (CMSS) 2022 | Apply Online

 Chief Minister scholarships Scheme (CMSS) 2022 | Apply Online

The Education Department of Gujarat State Government has started a new scholarship scheme specially available for the candidates pursuing education at the pre-matric and post-matric levels. The Chief Minister Scholarship Scheme CMSS Scholarship will be specially available for students who are economically weak. In this article today, we will be sharing with all of you the details of the CMSS Scholarship 2022. We will share with all of you the details of the eligibility, reward, and step-by-step procedure for Fresh/Renewal Registration.

CMSS Scholarship 2022

CMSS Scholarship 2022 is especially available for the students who are permanent residents of the Gujarat state and want to continue their education despite their weak financial background. You can start studying through the implementation of this scholarship scheme if you want to pursue higher education and you have at least scored 60% of marks in your 10th and 12th board examination, however, the annual income of the beneficiary must not be more than Rupees 100000.

Also Read:- વિદ્યાસહાયક 2 વર્ષ બાદ પુરા પગારમાં સમાવવા બાબત

CM Scholarship Scheme New Update

Good news students, the Gujarat government has decided to provide scholarships to needy students under the CM scholarship scheme family income is below 4.5 lakh per annum. All those students who are going to take admission in diploma program after 10th or degree program after diploma can apply. Beneficiaries under the scheme will get benefits as mentioned below Students who are going to take admission in diploma after 10th will get 50% of the fixed annual tuition fee of the course or rupees 50000 which ever is less Students who are going to take admission in degree course after diploma will get 50% of tuition fee for engineering and professional courses or rupees 100000 whichever is less Apart from the benefits mentioned above, students can also apply for the MukhyamantriYuvaswavalambanYojana. The benefits mentioned above are supplementary of the benefits provided under Mukhyamantri Yuvaswavalamban Yojana.

Details Of CMSS Scholarship
  • Name : CMSS Scholarship 2022
  • Launched by : Education Department of Gujarat State Government
  • Objective : Providing scholarship opportunities
  • Beneficiaries : Pre matric and post-matric students
  • Official Site :

CMSS Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria to apply for the recruitment:-
  • The candidate should be a citizen of Gujarat state.
  • The candidates who belong to EBC, SC, ST are eligible for the Gujarat Chief Minister Scholarship.
  • Applicant family annual income should be less than 1 lakh per lakh.
  • Students who have a minimum of 60% in their 10th and 12th board exams from an affiliated institution or college.
  • Applicants should study in any PG or UG course in the Gujarat state.

Documents Required
  • Aadhar Card of the applicant.
  • Candidate’s previous class mark sheet.
  • Income Certificate of the candidate’s family.
  • Caste Certificate of the student.
  • Residence certificate of the candidate.
  • Student’s Bank Account Details.
  • School/College Admission certificate of the students.
  • Scanned Passport Size photograph of the applicant.
Important Links :l

Official GR

Apply Online

Important Dates :
  • Last Date of Application : 31-05-2022

Extend the deadline of PM Swanidhi Yojana, know how long you will get guarantee free loan?

 Extend the deadline of PM Swanidhi Yojana, know how long you will get guarantee free loan? 

PM Svanidhi Scheme: The central government has given a big relief to street vendors.  The government yesterday extended the term of Prime Minister's Street Vendors Self-Reliant Fund (PM Svanidhi Yojana).  The term of the scheme was earlier only till March 2022, but the government has extended the term of the scheme in the Union Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday.
Term extended to December 2024

 Let me tell you that the government has extended the tenure of PM Swanidhi Yojana till December 2024.  The decision was taken at yesterday's meeting.  Union Minister Anurag Thakur tweeted about this.

 Get a loan without a guarantee

 Under the PM Swanidhi scheme, the government provides loans of Rs 10,000 to street vendors.  Let me tell you that under this scheme the government provides loans to the needy without any guarantee.  You do not even need to provide any guarantee for this loan.  At the same time, if you repay the loan on time, you will also get a subsidy from the government.

 Who benefits from the scheme?

 The benefit of this scheme can be availed by barber shop, cobbler, tailor, laundress, vegetable seller, fruit seller, street food, tea stall or kiosk, bread pakoda or egg seller, hawker, stationery seller.

 The loan can be repaid in one year

 The loan received under this scheme is discounted on interest rate.  The loan amount is transferred on installment basis in three months.  This is collateral free loan i.e. free business loan without guarantee.  You can repay this loan every month.  The government gives you one year to repay this loan.

 You can check the official link

For more information about this loan, you can visit this link
Street vendors represent a very important constituent of the urban informal economy and play a significant role in ensuring availability of the goods and services at affordable rates at the door-step of the city dwellers. They are known as vendors, hawkers, thelewala, rehriwala, theliphadwala etc. in different areas/ contexts. The goods supplied by them include vegetables, fruits, ready-to-eat street food, tea, pakodas, breads, eggs, textile, apparel, footwear, artisan products, books/ stationary etc. The services include barber shops, cobblers, pan shops, laundry services etc. The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns have adversely impacted the livelihoods of street vendors. They usually work with a small capital base and might have consumed the same during the lockdown. Therefore, there is an urgent need to provide credit for working capital to street vendors to resume their business.
The scheme is a Central Sector Scheme i.e. fully funded by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs with the following objectives: (i) To facilitate working capital loan up to `10,000; (ii) To incentivize regular repayment; and (iii) To reward digital transactions

The scheme will help formalize the street vendors with above objectives and will open up new opportunities to this sector to move up the economic ladder.
The Scheme is available for beneficiaries belonging to only those States/UTs which have notified Rules and Scheme under Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014. Beneficiaries from Meghalaya, which has its own State Street Vendors Act may, however, participate.
The Scheme is available to all street vendors engaged in vending in urban areas as on or before March 24, 2020. The eligible vendors will be identified as per following criteria:

(i) Street vendors in possession of Certificate of Vending / Identity Card issued by Urban

Local Bodies (ULBs); (ii) The vendors, who have been identified in the survey but have not been issued Certificate of Vending / Identity Card;

Provisional Certificate of Vending would be generated for such vendors through an IT based Platform. ULBs are encouraged to issue such vendors the permanent Certificate of Vending and Identification Card immediately and positively within a period of one month.

(iii) Street Vendors, left out of the ULBled identification survey or who have started vending after completion of the survey and have been issued Letter of Recommendation (LoR) to that effect by the ULB / Town Vending Committee (TVC); and

In case of Scheduled Commercial Banks, Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), Small Finance Banks (SFBs), Cooperative Banks SHG Banks, the rates will be as per their prevailing rates of interest. In case of NBFC, NBFC-MFIs etc., interest rates will be as per RBI guidelines for respective lender category. In respect of MFIs (non NBFC) other lender categories not covered under the RBI guidelines, interest rates under the scheme would be applicable as per the extant RBI guidelines for NBFC-MFIs.
The vendors, availing loan under the scheme, are eligible to get an interest subsidy @@ 7%. The interest subsidy amount will be credited into the borrower’s account quarterly. Lenders will submit quarterly claims for interest subsidy for quarters ending as on June 30, September 30, December 31 and March 31 during each financial year. Subsidy will only be considered in respect of accounts of borrowers, which are Standard (non-NPA as per extant RBI guidelines) on respective claim dates and only for those months during which the account has remained Standard in the concerned quarter. The interest subsidy is available up to March 31, 2022. The subsidy will be available on first and subsequent enhanced loans up to that date. In case of early payment, the admissible amount of subsidy will be credited in one go.

8.3 Promotion of Digital Transactions by Vendors The scheme will incentivize digital transactions by vendors through cash back facility.
Extend the deadline of PM Swanidhi Yojana, know how long you will get guarantee free loan?
PM સ્વનિધિ યોજનાની સમયમર્યાદા વધારી, જાણો કેટલા સમય સુધી મળશે ગેરંટી ફ્રી લોન?
P.M. POSHAN ( M.D.M ) યોજના હેઠળ આવરી લેવાયેલ શાળાઓમાં સ્વચ્છ અને ગુણવતા - યુકત ભોજન આપવા સબંધે તકેદારી / ચકાસણી રાખવા બાબત 
પરિપત્ર પેજ 1 click here to Download
પેજ 3 click here to Download 
અઠવાડિક મેનુ બાબત પરિપત્ર

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