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Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Prime Minister said in Mann Ki Baat that the people of India

Mann Ki Baat LIVE / The Prime Minister said in Mann Ki Baat that the people of India are fighting against Korona, the performance of the police-health personnel is commendable.
  • Farmers with their hard work made the country's grain reserves sustainable
  • India has done a humanitarian job by providing medicines to the countries of the world.
  • The world today is doing Thankyou India, Thankyou People of India
  • We should not be overconfident that Corona has not come to our city, area or town
  • Insisted on strict adherence to the lockdown.
  • This is the fourth edition of PM Modi this year and the 64th edition of Mann Ki Baat
Earlier, Modi had made Mann Ki Baat on March 29, this time seeking suggestions from the people for Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking nonsense. The country has been locked down due to coronavirus. In such a situation, Modi has made a special appeal to the people.

Today the whole country is moving forward with one goal and purpose. The countrymen are determined to do something. Whether it is a city or a village, a great sacrifice is going on at all levels, everyone is contributing something to it. Today our farmers are worried that no one in the country will go hungry. Someone is forgiving the rent, someone is donating farm produce or vegetables. The spirit of helping others is empowering India in the fight against Corona. I humbly bow to the countrymen.

This challenge is the beginning of a new transformation for India

Every difficult, challenging thing teaches something. Makes way for some possibility. Gives a new direction. In this situation, the determination power shown by you countrymen has started a new change in India. Our organization and all sectors are moving towards new technological change. On the technology front every innovator is doing something new. Today we are experiencing the country working as a team. All departments of the government are working together. People from all sectors including aviation, railways are working so that people have less trouble. Today all of our allies are Corona Warriors. Today money is transferred directly to the poor. The poor are being given three months free gas cylinders. I also commend the state governments of our country for playing a very active role. Health workers in the country have welcomed the recent ordinance. It was very necessary to protect our health workers working day and night.

The outlook of the society has also changed. Our outlook on people who have joined us has changed. We realize how difficult our lives can be without individuals providing essential services.

Police personnel are doing the work of humanity

Today, pictures are coming from every corner of the country in which people are showering flowers on security personnel and health workers. Today police personnel are giving food to the poor, delivering medicine. The humane and sensitive nature of the police has come to the fore, they have touched our hearts. Police personnel have emerged as true servicemen.

If we look at nature, perversion and culture at the same price, we will see a new door of life open.

Culture is when we share our share of things with others. India has made some decisions in line with its resources and ideas. India has made the right decisions for its needs and security. We have provided essential medicines in every corner of the globe. They say thank you India, thank you people of India.

We can see how Ayurveda is being used to boost immunity. The Ministry of AYUSH had also issued some guidelines for this.

Sometimes we don't trust our power. We abandon our traditional principles and beliefs. But now we have to think about our tradition and move on. The language that the world understands has to be explained in scientific language.

Some positive changes have been observed due to the corona. It is making some space in our lives. He has awakened our understanding and thoughts. Masks are becoming a part of our lives today.

Farmers made the country's grain reserves sustainable with their hard work

This is a pleasant collaboration that Akshay Tritiya today. Decay means destruction, but inexhaustible means that which cannot be destroyed. This day reminds us that the spirit of coping and fighting in any difficulty is inexhaustible. This is the same day that Akshay got the character with the blessings of Lord Krishna and Lord Surya. Today, thanks to the hard work of farmers, the country has an inexhaustible supply of food grains. We have to think about the role of forest, river etc. We have to make sure that our earth is sustainable. In times of crisis, our small help is a great relief to others.

As a member of your family I would like to make some suggestions. We should never be overconfident. Corona has not reached our city, village or area and will not come. Don't make this mistake. We have to consider the experience of the world. It is not to be neglected. Never take fire, debt and disease lightly.

This will be the fourth edition of PM this year and the 64th edition of Mann Ki Baat. Earlier, PM Modi had spoken on March 29. A tweet on April 12 said that this month's Mann Ki Baat will take place on the 26th. Modi sought suggestions for this. Earlier, when Modi spoke his mind, he only spoke on Corona. This time too, it is expected that Modi will only mention the coronavirus.

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