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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tiktok will not be lost, as Facebook launched this app like it, find out what the features of the app are

Tiktok will not be lost, as Facebook launched this app like it, find out what the features of the app are

59 Chinese applications have been banned in India. However, all of these apps were currently available on the App Store and Google Play Store until the news broke. Many questions remain unanswered after the ban on these apps. For example, what will happen to videos of TickTock users? Which is in the millions. Demand for Indian and non-Chinese applications will increase after the ban on Chinese applications. Etc. etc. when an app is launched through Facebook

Facebook has launched the Collab app

Colab may launch application in Indian market as soon as possible

You can create short videos through this app

Facebook has launched the Collab app

In May this year, Facebook launched an app called Colab. Facebook has long been keeping an eye on the short video app Tiktok. In comparison, Facebook has launched its short video app Colab. However, the app is currently only available to iOS users in the US and Canada. The ban on tickets in India could benefit Facebook. To this end, the company may launch the Colab application in the Indian market as soon as possible. However the company has not yet officially said anything about this. But experts believe that Facebook will not let this opportunity go by hand.

Collab features

Talking about the features of Facebook's collaboration app, you can create short videos with this app. You can also add interesting music to the video. You can create a video on the song in three parts. You can invite your two friends for the other two parts. All the facilities near Colab are similar to Tiktok. Another user can also create their own video using the video you posted.

For example you can sing a song in a video. Your friend can play the guitar and a third friend can play music. The Collab application is named after Collaboration. Which means collaboration / partnership.

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Users can also share videos made on Colab on social media. However before sharing videos on other platforms like Instagram and TikTalk they need to share on Colab. Apart from this the app does not have a save to camera roll feature, which means you cannot save videos to the phone.

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