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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Doordarshan DD Girnar Class 1 to 12 Home Learning Time Table


And the principal may consent to print or rearrange the question papers designed for the training building a little further than the functional test fixed program. Of the Education Committee. Change in Education Committee Question Paper (12) Std. 

The last exam in 1-2 is functional instead of doing it, if nothing else what can Bhavan do in this regard? Doesn't it seem necessary to be second? Better if the written test (DIET - 2421) is 50 marks. The Education Committee (C.R.C.-Rohishala) does not arbitrarily change the question papers prepared by Diet. 

However, the order of the question paper is correct. Std. Final free reading according to the level in 1st and 2nd district education and training buildings are required to develop writing skills. It has been decided to read and write so that it is important to develop any language error or fact error and calculation skills.

Also will not remain. There will be no mistake in the question-giving anal and reading the instructions in the written examination, as per the understanding, if there is enough space to write the answer to that question. All this does not happen exactly at this level. Can be allocated. 

A written test of 50 marks is not required. Teaching Work (15) Std. How to evaluate if the foundation of writing-reading-calculation is strengthened by 100 marks of creative activities in 1 to 4? Organizing work. It is necessary to stay in Ghanshyambhai, Kalyanpur for continuous evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. When the competency oriented curriculum is implemented (13) the ability to ask in written tests is fixed if Std

. In 1st to 4th Gujarati, Mathematics and Environment, if you have to ask only one question every year, then the question paper has determined the capabilities of three subjects. What can be done to make it mutable in other videos? The course continued as it was. According to the curriculum (DIET-Surat) there is a TRGS section in creative activities.

For the purpose of making the result sheet proportional, each (1) drawing, paper work, pottery (2) physical test in which a certain number of abilities are asked and (2) music. And these departments have thought standard. The number of capabilities is fixed. And what to teach is also determined. In the evaluation, for the sake of convenience, 40 + 10 + 20 m of representative abilities have been divided and a total of 100 cows have been identified. 

These are not the same abilities to ask. Can be evaluated. Std. In 1 to 4, even if the creative ability is the same, the question to test it may be the study of various activities - teaching is done in an excellent way. To set up a question bank. (14) District Education and District Education and Training Bhavan - Limbdi is important under the new evaluation scheme. Jit) 3 gp Tests and class promotions in the July issue. Correction in the context of the article: Issue no. 12 std. A total of seven subjects are named in 5 to 7, the marks of each are given. But really std.








Doordarshan DD Girnar Class 3 to 12 Home Learning Time Table

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