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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Matter of COVID 19 leave to an employee on duty in a primary school Surat Municipal Corporation

Matter of COVID 19 leave to an employee on duty in a primary school Surat Municipal Corporation

In light of the above, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the worldwide outbreak of the Novel Corona virus COVID-19 as a global epidemic. If the member has received a covid positive report, he / she will have to approve the leave for home courtesy in the following details.

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If any employee of the school has fallen ill with the corona virus, he / she will have to apply to stay home quarantine through the school by addressing the Govt.

Regarding the application received by the employee, the head teacher should verify the application and recommend to stay home quarantine on the school letterpad and inform the office in writing.

A certified copy of the positive report of the employee or a member of his / her family and medical certificate should be included in the application.

The pair along with the three details mentioned above should be sent to the office here. And the employee subject to the medical certificate in the online attendance "on duty" as well as in the teacher attendance register admitted to the hospital or home quarantine self or home Quarantine family should be noted in writing. Also, if you have any questions about this, you should contact your Beat Inspector.


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