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Friday, July 3, 2020

ScarFall : The Royale Combat, it's realy amazing app

ScarFall : The Royale Combat, it's realy amazing app

Scarf fall, last word war real for your mobile. It is an online online shooting with survival challenge. One of the simplest multiplayer with strategic gem.

Experience the journey of a real survival shooter on the battlefield. Explore the shooting field environment with a parachute landing from a high speed flying helicopter. Face the easiest strategy action multiplayer game to hit your Play Store this year. Create your own rules for web and offline flyline multiplayer shooter. Live within a shrinking safe zone with 3 possibilities to convert to battle and become the # 1 survivor on an unfamiliar battlefield.

Team Match and Solo Match feature in which you will play intense online or offline flight with intense 4v4 squad mode. Play as a lone soldier or with a clan to fight rivals who respond to a duty decision. Scarfall offers TPS. (Third Person Shooter) and FPS (First Person Shooter) to move around quickly with modern vehicles and reach the destination in a shrink circle.
1. Gameplay with extraordinary action
- Elegant 3D graphics with real world animation and environment.

- Perfect target and shot system, gives you a thrilling experience.

- Unique gun fire sound with high quality audio dio, gives you a sharp feeling of the battlefield of action.

- Flexible support for low end devices with graphics and other combat settings.

- Shooting games and play at your own convenience with customized game play UI in online and offline flight mode.

2. Highly loaded and waste environments
- Load guns from a range of various modern weapons such as machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles or shotgun tugs to gain accurate experience in survival survival gams.

- Play as a multiplayer together with your friends around the world, to enjoy simple battle royal battles.

- New and fun battle atmosphere of gn gams in the free battlefield.

Modern arsenal with high range scope such as 2x, 4x and 8x to shoot opponents of action games.

- Challenge your friends directly by creating your own private room and invite them to the battle of the top shooting games.

- Be loaded with 2 primary guns and 1 secondary gn to shoot your best opponent in intense combat.

- Powerful explosives, melee wepons and medi-packs with your # 1 survival journey on the battlefield game.

- A wide selection of clothing accessories to plunder from the map and style your own survival character.

AG. Classic game mode

Free FPS and TPS with multiplayer combat. Survival against the shrinking zone, with 3 chances to reproduce in gun games.

- Enjoy the game of survival of the fittest with thousands of items inside the map to get robbed and equipped.

- Open the majestic vault by the keys to get huge prizes of survival war games.

- Find your enemies with speed booster modern cars on enemy roads.

- Boost your gameplay with Enemy Detector, Exp Booster in the top free war games.

- Play daring 24 hour challenges and earn amazing rewards.

T. T.P.S. And F.P.S. Action Survival Battle
- Scarfall offers you challenging battles with dynamic and varied AI system in andline and offline flight games.

- TPS Win and claim exciting daily bonuses and prizes to attract battle performances.

- Quickly upgrade the ground with unlocking new powers, arsenals and rewards and flying colors on the leader board.

- Create your strategy to fight in Team Death Match or FPS Shooting Battle Royale's Alone Death Match mode.

Break the norms of battle royale and dive into the fashionable battlefields of the unknown battlefield as the last man standing during the path of the ultimate hit man commando during this modern shooting game. So, grab your guns and show your skills to survive the last word action shooter game, Scarfall - Royal Battle


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