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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Revenue Talati is recruiting for 4200 posts

Revenue Talati is recruiting for 4200 posts

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At present, the scope of revenue administration at the village level has extended to the rural areas of Chhewada.  In order to provide good revenue services to every village, permission has been given to set up 200 Revenue Talati Class-II posts for 2 (two) Gram Talati posts per Gram Panchayat and a total of Rs.  In-principle permission has been given to make a token provision for a new item of Rs. 3 lakhs in the budget for the year 2021-2. 

 The matter of giving administrative sanction to this matter was under consideration of the Government.  Resolution: At the end of careful consideration of the Government, a new matter of Rs. 2,00,000 / - (complete with Rs. 3 lakhs in number) for setting up of 500 future Revenue Talati Class 3 posts under the Revenue Department is given administrative approval under the following conditions.  

(1) Expenditure incurred under this sanction shall be subject to the budgetary provision for the financial year 2021-2 and within the limits of the grant allotted by the Finance Department from time to time. 

 (2) Subject to the prevailing rules in the present matter, adequate budgetary provision shall be made in the next financial year.  (3) Expenditure in this regard shall be borne by the State Government in accordance with the provisions of the circulars / rules as well as the resolutions applicable from time to time. 

ગુજરાત રાજ્યના મહેસુલ વિભાગમાં તલાટીઓની ભરતી મામલે ચોંકાવનારો ખુલાસો

તલાટી ભરતી બાબત પરિપત્ર વિશે  

ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ વાંચો  

Why to speak, what to say, where to speak, where not to speak, how to speak and why to speak is all like thinking before speaking. If you are a senior or a boss, maybe your co-worker will hear your bitter words but he will never respect you. Your ability to talk to family

 (3) The grant allotted under this sanction may not be used for any other purpose.  The remaining amount will have to be surrendered by the end of the year. 

 (3) The principles of financial fairness shall be enforced in respect of expenses incurred under this sanction. 

(3) Class-II posts as per the provisions of the recruitment rules, if they are promoted, and if they are directly recruited, by the resolution of the Finance Department dated 10/05/2001 and the General Administration Department dated 05/01/2009.  

The fixed salary policy implemented and in accordance with the provisions amended from time to time shall be paid.  

(2) It will be the responsibility of the Revenue Department to ensure that the pay standards of those posts are in accordance with ROP-2006 / ROP-2016 / PAY MATRIX LEVAL. 

 (2) After receiving regular appointment, the candidate who is appointed through direct recruitment will have to implement the new enhanced pension scheme as per the resolution dated 15/03/2009 of the finance department as well as the amendments made from time to time. 

સંપુર્ણ માહિતી માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

 (2) It shall be compulsory to maintain the proportion of reserves as per the rules while filling these posts and to fill the backlog posts on priority basis. 

 (10) As per the recruitment rules of this post, it should be done as per the existing recruitment rules of Gujarat Government.  

(11) Candidates are required to have basic knowledge of computer

.  (13) In this regard, all the powers regarding recruitment and all the powers to declare courses will be vested in the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board by this resolution.  In this regard, the Board will have to conduct written and computer test of the above places before 31/12/2021 and prepare perfect result in due time. 

Oficial letter download click Here

 (12) The instructions given by the State Government from time to time shall be implemented.  Expenditure in this regard shall be borne by the Government under the budget provision for the year 2021-26 within the limits of the grant disbursed from time to time at the following rates.

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