Ahmedabad Technology Desk: Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps bringing new features to improve the chat experience of its users. Apart from these, there are some secret features in WhatsApp, which can make your chatting quite fun. Here we are telling you about some of the top secret tricks of WhatsApp, through which you will become the ‘master’ of WhatsApp chatting.
Do not even know about ignor
If you want the blue tick option of your WhatsApp to be on and you read the message without knowing the front, then this is a wonderful trick. To read the message secretly, first put the phone in flight mode. Then read the message. Exit WhatsApp and turn the phone back to normal mode. With this, you will read the message and the front will not see blue tick either.
Mute group chat notifications
There are more WhatsApp notifications throughout the day due to more members in the group. Repeated phone ringing often causes irritation. To do this, go to the group and tap on the three dots on the top right. After that go to Group Info and turn on the toggle of mute notifications.
Hide whatsapp group media from gallery
During WhatsApp chatting, many such photos and videos also come which we do not want to keep in the phone gallery. That is why a special trick is given in WhatsApp. With the help of this secret trick, you can hide WhatsApp media files from the phone’s gallery. For this, you have to turn off the toggles with media visibility by going to chat settings.
It is very important to maintain your privacy on WhatsApp. For this, the option to hide (hide) the last scene in WhatsApp has been given. After turning on this option, no WhatsApp contact will be able to know when and how long ago you were active on WhatsApp. You will find this option in the Accounts option given under Settings. Tap here on privacy and turn off the last scene.