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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

WhatsApp gives advice to users

WhatsApp gives advice to users

Even with WhatsApp, information about hacking and fraud is constantly coming up. With this in mind, WhatsApp users have been given a much needed advice. WABetaInfo tweeted and shared a post denying users a modified version of WhatsApp.
WABetaInfo wrote in its tweet that a modified version of WhatsApp could never be a better solution for security and privacy.
A picture has also been shared with him.
This picture shows that using a modified version of WhatsApp, fake WhatsApp developers can easily change and even edit your text through MITM Attack (man in the middle).
The warning also states that the company has not verified the modified version of WhatsApp. So if a user uses it, it can also be banned on WhatsApp account.
In addition, the modified version has more than 20 new features compared to the original WhatsApp, but taking risks in this temptation will be no less of a threat to your privacy and security.

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