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Friday, August 14, 2020

Always keep this thing in your pocket, never run out of money

Always keep this thing in your pocket, never run out of money

Who doesn't need money? Everyone wants to have a lot of wealth, if not a lot, from which life can be lived well. But you will definitely find some people who do not have the money to last long. This can be estimated from the fact that his purse is full of money in the morning, but by evening it contains nothing but a few coins.

To solve such a problem, we will tell you some scriptural remedies, by which you will always have money and the purse will never be empty. There will be no shortage of money if you keep these items mentioned in Vastu Shastra in your purse. The purse will never be empty and the money will continue to come in as needed.
This is an infallible tip. This requires red paper. Write your wish on paper and keep it in a purse tied with silk thread. In doing so, your wish will surely come true.
In the scriptures both grain and wealth are said to be one and the same. False expenses are reduced if you keep rice in a purse.

Only keep a photo of mother Lakshmi in the purse in which she is sitting. You will never run out of money.
Both Piplo and Tulsi are revered in Hinduism. Vastu Shastra states that a purse should always contain a pipe. The auspicious leaf should be kept between the notes in the purse at the auspicious moment after inviting it. Doing so always keeps the purse full of money. There is never a financial crisis in times of need
If you have a silver coin, keeping it in your purse is also a good thing. But keep in mind that before placing a gold or silver coin in a purse, it should be kept at the feet of Maa Lakshmi in a house or temple

According to astrology, a small knife should be kept in a purse. This remedy also helps in wealth growth. Apart from that you can also keep Gomti Chakra in your purse.
Possessing Rudraksha also removes poverty and increases wealth.

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