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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

How To Create A Sub Domain For Your Website

How To Create A Sub Domain For Your Website

 already have a blog or website, then we will give you complete information about how you can create a Sub Domain for that blog or website. There will be many bloggers here who will not know about the Sub Domain concept. They don’t even know what Sub Domain is.

How To Create A Sub Domain For Your Website

If you also do not yet know about Sub Domain, then you do not have to worry. We will tell you through this article what is Sub Domain And How To Create a Sub Domain For Your Website.

What Is Sub Domain

Everyone definitely has knowledge about Domain Name. A subdomain is also basically a domain. Which we do to create our website. We understand this through an example.
Suppose you have a  website. And you want that in this website we make a website for question form for our user. So for this we will add Sub Domain to our website. So that we will have a website on another SubDomain. Such as . In this way, we can make another website related to the same domain by adding Sub Domain to our website.

What does a sub domain need?

Now you know very well what a Subdomain is. Now we tell you why you should use Subdomain. If you make your website a subdomain, then you get a lot of benefits from it.
Suppose you have an English language news website. And you publish an English news article on it. And millions of traffic also comes to your website. Now the problem here is that there are many users who like Hindi news. So what will you do that will make your website a Hindi Subdomain and you will publish Hindi article on that website.

The biggest benefit from this will be that the traffic on your website will start generating a lot of traffic. You must have seen that there are big news websites. All those people create different subdomain for their different languages.

How To Create Sub Domain

Now we tell you how to create Subdomain for your website. You can create a Subdomain for your website very easily. You just follow the steps given by us.
  •  First you login to your web hosting cPanel.
  •  Go to the Domain section and there you will see the option of Subdomain on which you click.
  •  Now a new page will open in front of you. Now there you will see a Create A Sub Domain form. There you want to keep the Subdomain of your website. You have to name it there.
  • After giving the subdomain name, now click on the Create button.
  •  Now the subdomain of your website will be created on your hosting.
  •  After this, you have to go to the DNS setting of your Domain account and add a new A record.
  • Setting DNS, you name the new Subdomain you have created and you have to add the IP address of your hosting.
  • After this your Subdomain has become ready, you can use it on your website.
  •  Now you can install WordPress on this Subdomain. And you can create a good website on your Subdomain.


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