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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

School Reopen Date / Schools will be throbbing again with guidelines set from this month, Government is making preparations

School Reopen Date / Schools will be throbbing again with guidelines set from this month, Government is making preparations

Schools closed for four months are likely to reopen in September or October. The decision will be taken in mid-September in view of the Corona situation in the country. This year will not be declared a zero year despite the loss of children's studies. It will be considered in the session itself. The government is making special preparations keeping in view the states and all the difficulties. The schools will be reopened in phases as per the decision taken at the meeting. In which primary schools will continue online and higher secondary schools will be started as per the guideline.

The decision to start schools

Schools will start from September or October

Higher secondary schools will start with determined guidelines

According to the information received, half of the academic session 2020-21 has been completed. The country is resuming in Unlock 3 but the educational institutions are closed. For this, suggestions of special persons have been taken with the help of states to open schools and according to different states, the government plans to start schools by October.

Most schools will be open until October

News, by-elections likely to be postponed

It is to be mentioned that at present online classes are being conducted with the help of TV, radio, mobile, laptop, computer. But fully online education is not possible. Due to this, the school will reopen in September or October. The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Home Affairs will jointly prepare the guideline. Even then the decision to open schools will be kept at that state.

Schools will be started in 2 shifts

Schools will begin opening with board exam students. Half of the students will be called in one shift and the other in another shift. The interval between 2 shifts will be kept at one and a half hours. So that the school can be sanitized. The first shift school will not run another shift. At the same time, schools with 33 per cent staff will be started. First standard 9-12 schools will be started.

Class time will be reduced

The guideline for reopening schools will keep school hours at 3-4 hours. Special subjects will be studied. Schools will be reopened with fewer books. This way no break will be given when school hours are reduced.

The sixth standard class will start by November

If this situation improves by Diwali, standard 6-8 classes will be started. They will also be called to the shift. Caution and rules will be followed here as before.

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