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Sunday, August 23, 2020

SSG Shala Swachchta and Hand Wash Teacher Training Module

SSG Shala Swachchta and Hand Wash Teacher Training Module

Shala Swachchhata Gunank (SSG ) Application, Covid 19 Covid 19 Awareness and Wash Training.

The "Shala Swachhata Gunak" application for hygiene in schools has been created by the Gujarat Government Education Department under the project. This will be done only to collect information on hygiene of all schools in the state and to train all teachers on hygiene. The application was launched by G.G.

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Download Shala Swachhata Gunak Certificate with Your Name | SSG Training for Teachers App. Hand wash and School Cleaning Training With SSG Application For Teachers: Gujarat Education Department Now Declared new Online Training for Primary Teachers. Named "Shala Swachhata Gunank" SSG Talim. Gujarat State Primary School Now Closed This time Because Cobid - 19 Spread All Over World.


COVID-19 Sajjata ane Shalao ma WASH Palan Sva Shikshan Tatha Shala Swachchhata Gunank Application Ange Video Conference Babat SSA no Paripatra

Subject - "COVID - 19 Preparation and video conferencing on WASH compliance in schools, self-education and school hygiene coefficient application Various activities and programs are being carried out by the Ministry of MHRD

SSG Shala Swachchta and Hand Wash Teacher Training Module

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