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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Video Status Download For Janmashtami

Video Status Download For Janmashtami

The festival of Shravan Vad Satam is celebrated as Shitala Satam. The Adyashakti Shitala Mata is very pleased with those who understand the importance of Vratdhari Saadhan-Puja and Karma-Puja in the true sense and perform the rituals.
The day before the seventh is called culinary sixth. Cooking After cooking on the sixth day, the sisters worship the stove, gas stove, etc., and the next day, on the seventh day of Shitala, they get up in the morning, take a bath with cold water and plant a mango in the stove or stove.
Don’t light a stove or a stove on this day, eat cold all day and listen or read the story of smallpox. This festival is called Shitala Satam or Tadhi Satam. On the day of this festival, women pray to the mother of smallpox for the protection of their children.
Stoves, fireplaces or gas stoves are the gods of the house. Why can the Bhatigal culture of India forget the blessings of this Agnidev? That is why women feel gratitude by worshiping the fireplace and equipment on the seventh day of smallpox. The secret of the mango plant is that the whole family enjoys the coolness of the mango tree and the sweet taste like the ripe fruit of the mango is shared in the cooking.
The smallpox mother has kept small service tools like broom and soup for her, seeing their importance and usefulness. The belief is that, by worshiping the presented tools, the offspring do not get diseases, their health is maintained.
Indirectly, the soup is a symbol of cleanliness and purity. In the same way a broom is a symbol of cleanliness and elegance. If hygiene and neatness are maintained by these tools, the incidence of diseases is automatically reduced. This is the invaluable message of the smallpox festival.
To bring cleanliness and elegance in life, a woman worships the mother of smallpox on this holy day. On this day, women pray for the realization of this sadhana-puja and karma-puja in their lives. The smallpox mother’s forgiveness, tolerance and generosity are unmatched. Vratdhari women want smallpox to be fulfilled on this holy day by praying for the fulfillment of their psychic desires. The person who is fasting on the seventh day of Shitala should pray to the Goddess Adyashakti Shitala. Shitalayai namah is to establish the goddess by chanting mantras. After worshiping the Goddess, worshiping the seven Gauris and lovingly embracing the seven Goyani. The widow of the Goddess Shitala never gets widow. This vow is also called “widowhood” vow.
The story of smallpox VII is as follows.
Worship of gods and goddesses has been going on since time immemorial in India. On the seventh day of Shravan Vad, women pray to the smallpox mother for the protection of their offspring. I don’t wake up in the morning, wash and become pure, I worship Jagdamba and eat cold.
Legend has it that on the sixth day of cooking, Derani and Jethani cooked a variety of dishes and went to bed with the stoves burning. Bali, that’s how your stomach means your offspring … ”
When Rupa woke up in the morning, she saw that the stove was burning. The boy was also burnt and lying dead in bed! Derani Rupa realized that I must have felt the curse of smallpox. She took the dead child to the smallpox mother.
There was a small wow along the way. The water of this well was such that a man would die with it. The sister-in-law said, “Sister! You ask the smallpox, what would be my sin, that my life dies only by drinking my water!”Saying “Bhale bahen”, Rupa ran ahead and met an ox on the way. Anne built a large stone tent over her head. The dera was such that it hit the walking foot and caused the foot to bleed.Speaking to the ox, he said, “Sister! Come to the mother of smallpox asking for the remission of my sin.”

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As he walked, he scratched his head under a gnarled tree and said, “Sister, where did you go? To meet the smallpox mother …?”
“Yes, mother,” said Rupa, looking at Doshi’s head. Doshima gave the blessing, “Let your stomach cool like my head ..” and his dead son recovered as soon as he received the blessing. Mother and son met. After seeing the form of smallpox mother, Doshima also removed the pain of that bull and ox.

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