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Friday, August 12, 2022

Visit the most precious idol of Lord Krishna, there is a 1280 kg gold statue of Banshidhar in Jharkhand

Visit the most precious idol of Lord Krishna, there is a 1280 kg gold statue of Banshidhar in Jharkhand

  • The history of the idol is connected with the Mughal period. The statue was found by the queen here in 1828
  • The statue is 10 feet high, 5 feet underground and 5 feet off the ground
  • There is also an octagonal idol of Radha with Lord Krishna
Today is Janmashtami. There is a Banshidhar temple in Ontari, a town in Gadhwa district near the UP border in the west of Jharkhand. The statue of Lord Krishna enthroned in this temple is considered to be the most precious Krishna statue in the world. This idol is made of 1280 kg of gold. Today, 1280 kg of gold is valued at more than Rs 716 crore. However, the antique value of this statue is more than 2000 crores, which was estimated in 2014.

Usually this statue is found to be 4-5 feet tall. But a large part of the idol is inside the earth. The statue is of Krishna enthroned above Sheshnag, the part with Sheshnag is inside the Jaman. According to the temple trust, the exact timing of the statue has not been determined yet.
Even with regard to its value, the temple trust states that the value of God cannot be overestimated. In the year 2018, seeing the popularity of Shri Banshidhar Ji Temple, the government has changed the name of the city from Nagar Untari to Shri Banshidhar Nagar.

120 kg octahedron idol of Radha with Krishna: -
There is also an idol of Radha with a 1280 kg gold idol of Krishna. The idol is of octahedron and weighs about 120 kg. This statue is also valued in millions today.
The temple has been closed since March due to Corona.
All the temples in Jharkhand have been closed since March 15 due to the Corona floods. The Banshidhar temple has also been closed since then. However, there are regular poojas. This festival is celebrated on a very large scale every year on Janmashtami and thousands of devotees of Lord Krishna arrive here, but very few devotees have reached here this year due to coronavirus. An estimated one million people visit here every year.

Aurangzeb's daughter saved this idol from the Mughal treasury:
According to Dhirendra Kumar Choubey, advisor to Shri Banshidhar Mandir Trust, Jaibunnisa, daughter of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, was a devotee of Lord Krishna. At that time, the Mughals were being taken from Calcutta to Delhi. Sardar Rudra Shah and Bahiyar Shah of Shivaji were in the town camel area.
The treasures of the Mughals that were lost from here were looted by Shivaji's chiefs. The Mughals looted the idol of Lord Banshidhar from a temple. It is believed that Jaibunnisa delivered the idol to Shivaji's chiefs living in the town of Ontari.

Shivaji's chiefs hid the idol in a hill 22 km west of Ontari to protect it from the Mughals. This idol is thousands of years old, because something is written on the Sheshnag of the idol, what it is written and in what language it is written is still not understood. The statue is of Southern architectural style.
The queen mother had a vision in a dream-
According to Rajesh Pratap Dev, Yuvraj of the royal family and minister of the temple committee, after the death of Raja Bhavam Singh Dev, his queen Shiva was ruling the Kunwar kingdom. He fasted on Janmashtami on 14 August 1827. At that time the queen mother had a vision of Lord Krishna in a dream.

When Lord Krishna asked the queen to ask for a blessing, the queen asked God to bless her forever. Then the Lord informed the Queen that her idol was buried on Shiva hill near Mahuria in UP on the banks of Kanhar river. After excavating there, a 10 feet gold idol of Lord Krishna was found here.
The octagonal statue of Radha Rani was then ordered from Varanasi and installed with Lord Krishna on 21 January 1828. The Vanshi-playing statue found in the excavation weighs 32 manas i.e. 1280 kg.
The temple is built in three and a half acres: -
According to Dhirendra Kumar Choubey, the statue installed in the temple is spontaneous. This shrine is considered to be similar to Mathura and Vrindavan. In this idol, Lord Krishna is enthroned on a lotus flower over Sheshnag rather than playing the flute. The Sheshnag part is buried under the ground. The temple is spread over about three and a half acres. The height of the temple is about 50 feet.

Government Guards for Security: -
The temple has been guarded by the Jharkhand government. The UP ATS had received information that the Banshidhar temple could be attacked. Terror can damage the temple. Since then the government has arranged security here. CCTV cameras have been installed in the temple. Guards are on duty here 24 hours a day. Additional magistrate and police arrangements have been made for the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.
Statue of Tridev:
In this idol of Lord Krishna, Tridev is the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Shri Banshidharji is a Jatadhari like Shivaji. Like Vishnu, he is enthroned on the bed of Sheshnag. Brahmaji is enthroned on the lotus flower. Thus Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh can all be seen in this idol.
Priests are determined according to lineage tradition: -

The priest of this temple, Pt. Vraja is a teenage Tiwari. The priestly lineage in the temple is determined only by tradition. His own ancestors were worshiped here. This is their sixth-seventh generation. Minister Acharya Pt. Satyanarayana is Mishra.
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