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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Download Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat All Paripatra - Gr@Panchayat Gujarat Gov In

Download Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat All Paripatra - Gr@Panchayat Gujarat Gov In

Mafat Plot Yojna [100 Choras Var] Gujarat The State Government's Scheme Of Free House Plots For Landless Farm Laborers And Rural Artisans Living Below The Poverty Line In Rural Gujarat Has Been In Operation Since The Year 1972.

The free plot scheme has been in operation for years to build a house for the agricultural laborers and artisans registered in the BPL list living in rural areas. So far more than 16 lakh beneficiaries have been allotted plots under this scheme. The state government has extended the benefits of this scheme to all poor people. Some new amendments have been made in this scheme by passing a nFree Plot Plan Gujarat

This scheme was started years ago by the Panchayat Department of the State Government. The main objective of this scheme is that the people in the village who are not in a good economic condition can get their own house. The Panchayat Department has introduced the free plot scheme so that more and more poor people can benefit from it. Improvements are made incrementally.ew resolution dated 01-05-2017 in order to get more.

Free Plot Plan Form 2022

A new form of free plot scheme has been released by the Panchayat Department on 30/07/2022 for accurate and transparent plot allocation under this scheme. You can download the official form sample through the link given below.

List of free plot planning documents

  • To avail the free plot scheme the following documents should be carried with you:-
  • Copy of ration card
  • Application Form
  • Copy of Election Card or Aadhaar Card
  • Details of Name of SECC
  • Example of no agricultural land
  • Illustration showing details of plot/building
Important Link

To download the form:-Download Here

Download Mafat Plot Yojna Gujarat All Paripatra - Gr

1. Mafat Plot Yojna Ma Sudhara Paripatra Dated: 13-03-18
2. Mafat Plot Yojna Ma Sudhara Paripatra Dated: 01-05-17
3. Mafat Plot Yojna Ane Sardar Awas Yojna Sanklit Tharav Dated: 06-08-16
4. Mafat Plot Yojna Ane Sardar Awas Yojna Sanklit Tharav Dated: 11-09-15
5. Mafat Plot Yojna Land Committee Meeting Paripatra Dated: 24-04-15
6. Mafat Plot Yojna Land Committee Meeting Ma Sudharo Paripatra Dated: 25-08-14


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