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Friday, September 4, 2020

Circular regarding online training for all teachers of Std. 1 to 8

Circular regarding online training for all teachers of Std. 1 to 8

361 Digree Minds Consuiting under the entire Education ID branch
 Pvt .itd Institute is working in the district to provide online training to all teachers of Std. 1 to 8 for the identification of disabled child, educational activities and others.

The importance of online education has increased in the Corona era. Teachers and students are not contacted as schools are closed and this is why online education is needed. In online education work, teachers should know more about online education.

As we all know, the current crisis of Kovid 19 or Corona has affected every aspect of human life.  Some parts of human life may be affected more and some less, but it is having some effect on every side.  The education world is also an area where its wide impact can be seen.  It is worth noting that from March 15, almost all schools, colleges, universities in the country were closed and it was ordered that the remaining courses should be completed through online education.

 Keeping this in mind, the government also issued notifications to use the already existing online education platforms such as self, EPG-school, digital library etc.  The government is constantly in touch with subject matter experts and people affected by it to improve online education.  Universities, schools and colleges have also adopted online education, considering the problem arising out of Corona as an opportunity.  But the question arises that is everything going well in online education?  School, college and university education are being adversely affected due to the lockdown implemented to prevent the growing impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.  As a result, education is now increasingly moving towards e-education.

What does e-education mean?  E-education refers to education in its place with the help of internet and other communication devices.  There are various forms of e-learning, including web-based learning, mobile-based learning or computer-based learning, and virtual classrooms, etc.  When the concept of e-education came many years ago, the world was not so comfortable towards it, but with the passage of time, e-education has made its place in the entire educational system.  Types of E-education E-education can be divided into two categories- Synchronous Asynchronous educational system- This educational system means that 'at the same time' means that the student and the teacher are different.

Educational interactions with each other from places.  In this way, on learning a subject, students are able to know the immediate answers to their questions, which also removes their doubts related to that topic.  For this reason, it is also called real time learning.  In this type of e-learning system, study material is made available to students with the help of many online tools.  Some examples of synchronous e-learning system include audio and video conferencing, live chat and virtual classrooms etc.  These methods have become more popular in the last few years.  A
system - This educational system means that 'not at a time' means that there is no option to communicate in real time between student and teacher.  In this system, information related to the curriculum is already available.  For example, web-based learning, in which students learn through the help of an online course, blog, website, video tutorials, e-books, etc.  The biggest advantage of such e-educational system is that students can access the educational courses at any time, whenever they want.  This is the reason why a large section of students prefer to do their studies through the asynchronous educational system.

Circular regarding online training for all teachers of Std. 1 to 8

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Download Circular : From Here

 The status of e-education in India is one of the key areas identified by the Ministry of E-Education, Electronics and Information Technology for imparting education using educational tools and communication mediums.  In fact, e-education in India is still in its infancy or what are the challenges that affect both teachers and students?  Are about 25 crore students connected with schooling and about 80 million students connected with higher education being able to join online education?  Although the education industry of the country has made every effort to turn the problem into an opportunity, but they seem inadequate.

 There are many challenges facing online education in India.  It is also important to establish quality mechanisms and quality benchmarks for online education.  Many e-learning platforms offer multiple courses on the same subject.  Therefore, the quality of courses in different e-learning platforms may vary.  Failure of technology such as internet speed, connectivity problems, not being able to teach and tell someone together at the time of lock-down, compulsion to learn with the help of online tutorials, with the help of those who are at home  Preparing lectures, recording them, making notes, making digital copies of them, finding study material and uploading it on the university website according to the syllabus, communicating with students etc.

Many new challenges are facing the education community democratization of technology  Now there is an important issue, which includes internet connectivity, telecom infrastructure, capacity of online systems, availability of laptops / desktops, software, educational tools, online assessment tools and more.  The syllabus of every academic board, college, university in the country is different.  Which has its own different economics.

Circular regarding online training for all teachers of Std. 1 to 8

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Download Circular : From Here

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