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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Ekam Kasoti Mokuf Rakhva Babate Rajya Sangh ni Rajuat Sandarbhe niyamak sir no Letter.

Ekam Kasoti Mokuf Rakhva Babate Rajya Sangh ni Rajuat Sandarbhe niyamak sir no Letter. 


 To carry out awareness campaign through audio-visual publicity in schools and colleges for this.  The circular suggests finding NGOs to distribute food among the poor.

 Controversy erupted over the circular and teachers expressed resentment.

Earlier, a circular was issued in Banaskantha district asking the teachers of Gujarat to work on locust repellent.

 In December, farmers were in trouble due to locust infestation in villages of Vav and Suigam talukas of Banaskantha district.

 The Gujarat government had issued a circular in this regard and this circular was sent to all the primary and secondary school principals of the taluka.

 Controversy erupted when extra work was imposed on teachers who were burdened with many tasks.

 "I don't know what to do when I go to school," says teacher Jagrutibahen, describing the plight of primary school teachers.

Should I do yoga?  Do cleaning work or provide scholarship information? "

 "I don't understand. Should I do the entrance ceremony? Should I do the quotient? Or should I do the new version 2.0 of the quotient?"

 However, the teachers are dissatisfied with the government and are in the mood to agitate against the government till the end.

 Brijpalsingh Gohil, a teacher in Gharana, said, "We have staged protests at the taluka level and at the district level. We are also protesting here at the state level. However, if the government does not accept our demand, we are ready to go to Delhi to protest."

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