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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Food Security Allowance Automatically Coupon

Food Security Allowance Automatically Coupon

At present, every child is paid food security allowance as well as food grains when primary schools are closed due to corona.

Food Security Allowance which is credited to the child's account. The child is given wheat and rice.

Excel file for automatic coupon to pay food security allowance. Automatic coupon is generated by entering data. No need to download a different file every time. Now each coupon can be generated from this single file.
Important Link

Download File : From Here

*like this. D. like this. Coupon File * * (Part - 2) *

* Feature of the file -

* 1. One file for all parts *
*. Exemption from downloading different file each time *

*. Grain coupons will be made according to the present days of the children who enter the school in the middle and leave the school in the middle. *

*. like this. D. like this. You can also create a bank statement with the coupon. *

*. No need to make a separate roll. *

*. Passwordless file *

*. All children's coupons can be easily printed in a short time by following the instructions. *

File Creator - Sumit M. Jethwa *

 You can also get this file from my blog below *
We hope you find this file useful in the future. *

Different coupon files have to be downloaded daily for Food Security Allowance. Downloading this file makes all the forms. Children's attendance days are also considered automatic. It also becomes a schedule for depositing money.

File created by Sumitbhai JethwaFor Best View Please Open This Website In CHROME / OPERA Browser

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