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Friday, September 25, 2020

For Gradual Class And Class Extension (Granted School) 2020

For Gradual Class And Class Extension (Granted School) 2020
 State Non-Government Aided (Grant in Aid) Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools from June 2020 to Std-9,10,11 |  And to apply online to get approval for Class 12 and Class Additional, the concerned are advised to do the following.  (1) Non-Government Aided (Grant in Aid) Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools from June 2020 to get additional approval for graded classes and classes of Std.  The online form can be filled from the date of publication of the advertisement.  The last date to apply will be 19/10/2020, the application will be online only.  |  (2) Instructions for applying online are posted at, which should be followed by online application and scanning and uploading of ancillary evidence.  Requests with incomplete,  

incomplete or obscure support will be made by the doctor to take special note.  |  (3) The fixed fee per class / application is Rs.  500 / - has to be paid online.  (2) The District Education Officers have completed the site inspection procedure as per the instructions regarding the online applications of the schools of their district received in their account.  |  Must be submitted online.  |  (3) The proposal received in hard copy and the application for permission to apply after the time limit will not be considered.  Venue: Gandhinagar Date: 7/02/2050 Office of the Director of Schools, State of Gujarat, Gandhinagar.
 For Gradual Class and Class Extension (Granted School PDF click here to download 

 - The school should have the following physical facilities.  - Provision of classrooms - Area of ​​each classroom  Regulation no.  As per the provisions of ૯ (12) (2), at least 200 sq. Ft. And 3 sq. Ft. Per student shall be maintained.  (According to Regulation 2 (12) (ii) of SH, 3 sq. Ft. Per student i.e. SOX 390.80.xoo ilge) - Adequate facility of light fan in classrooms - Drinking water system should be provided.  - Health facilities should be adequate.  - CCTV  Camera (optional) or fire safety arrangements - B.U. regarding school building.  Certificate of Permission / Certificate of Structural Engineering of the building has to be submitted.  Regarding the sports ground, the education department's Ta.  While approving the class extension as per the instruction given in the letter dated 6/7/08, the grounds presented at the time of registration of the school will be taken into consideration.  Details of the allotment of hours by the principal for making sports ground available to all the students as per the approval of more than six classes of that standard.  Can be done.  The opinion of the District Education Officer will be taken into consideration regarding the site inspection of the District Education Officer's office regarding the class extension.  In addition to the above norms, a discretionary decision will be taken by the committee of the Commissioner's Schools Office to approve / reject the class extension.  In addition, for the year 2020-21, classes will be allowed within the limits of the budget provision approved in that area.  When the number of classes eligible for sanction in that area is more, the following norms will be considered and classes will be sanctioned on priority basis by preparing merit.  The total number of students of the standard class requested or the result of last year's Std-10 will also be applicable to the minority schools.
 Instructions for class addition.pdf

 For Gradual Class and Class Extension (Granted School PDF click here to download

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