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Saturday, September 12, 2020



Friends, various online courses have been started by GCERT. The response has been overwhelming.
We are launching one more important and current requirement similar course in this series of online courses from today (16/7/20).
This course means ONLINE COURSE ON GUNOTSAV 2.0

This course will be a course that gives a comprehensive understanding of the process of School Accreditation for all those involved in education and all those interested in education.

The course is open to all interested but directly to all those working in primary education such as teachers, head teachers, CRC Co., BRC Co., TPEO, DIET Faculty, Govt. Is.

Encourage everyone from your level to join the course so that more people from your district can join this course and develop a better understanding of Merit 2.0 and contribute to the growth of school quality.

The following procedure has to be followed to join this course.

1) First go to website. Or
 Download DIKSHA application from Play Store in mobile. Below is the link to download DIKSHA application from Play Store in mobile.

2) Log in to DIKSHA website or DIKSHA mobile app with your Google account.

3) After logging in, go to COURSE menu, search ONLINE COURSE ON GUNOTSAV 2.0 and click Join Course.

  • first method

  • second method

4) After doing the Join Course, the registration form given in it should be filled first. You can fill the form by scanning the qr code given in the instruction on the form.

5) The course can be started by submitting this registration form.

6) The registration form will be kept OPEN for the prescribed time only so it is necessary to register in the course immediately.

Special Note: Only the registration form filled after logging in to the course by logging in with GMAIL ID on DIKSHA APP or website will be valid.

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