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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Open your own CNG station

Open your own CNG station

Open your own CNG station
The number of CNG-powered vehicles in the country is on the rise due to rising pollution and high oil prices. On the one hand, the government’s focus on clean energy has increased. On the other hand, auto companies are also shifting to clean fuel vehicles. Starting your own CNG pump can be a lucrative deal. If you also want to open a CNG pump you have a golden opportunity. The government is issuing about 10,000 new licenses for CNG pumps across the country in the next few years. So let us tell you the whole process
There are two ways to earn
Companies are the first to demand land for installing CNG pumps. Companies lease land. In this you will get the first chance of earning by leasing the land. Alternatively you can take a dealership on the land yourself. Companies partner for that. So it is called Landlink CNG Station Policy. All the companies issue tenders for the station as per their requirement. In which other requirements including location are given. You can apply based on that. Information for tenders can be obtained from the websites of these companies.

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