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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Std-2 Ghare Shikhie Mulyankan, Online Entry Google Form Link

Std-2 Ghare Shikhie Mulyankan, Online Entry Google Form Link

Ghare Shikhie Mulyankan mate Online Entry Form Link and Excel File For Std-1. Download This File For Home Learning Direct marks Entry and Generate Rachanatmak Mulyankan Patrak-A Result File. School colleges are closed in this epidemic of corona virus.  Even if the school is closed in this epidemic situation, the education of the children will not be carried out.
Gujarat Government has released a program called study from home so that children can study from home so that their education does not stop. Through this program children can take different subject knowledge from home. Children studying in primary school and secondary school cannot go to school at present. In order to provide timely education to these children, knowledge of various subjects is imparted through DD Girnar Doordarshan from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays children are given knowledge of topics like joyful Saturday as their inner strengths are opened through varius activities
Download Ghare Shikhie Mulyankan File for Std 1 to 8 Home Learning Result File. Useful for All Teachers for Ekam Kasoti mulyankan. So Download this pdf and Excel File and use it for Best Work

Std-2 Ghare Shikhie Mulyankan, Online Entry Google Form Link

Apart from the DD Girnar channel, children can also acquire knowledge through the Baysag program so that the students studying in the school can acquire knowledge of the subjects included in their studies. If the student does not have a television or a smartphone available, such students can also acquire knowledge of various subjects through Biseg. Students who do not have access to television, if they have a smartphone, they can take knowledge of various subjects through this smartphone, youtube channel at their convenience. With the help of our blog, you can acquire knowledge of various subjects for your children at your convenience, student friends and parents. 

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