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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Digital Gujarat Seva Setu Talati Provide Ration Card Related Service In Village

Digital Gujarat Seva Setu Talati Provide Ration Card Related Service In Village

Digital Gujarat Seva Setu Talati Provide Ration Card Related Service In Village - Onlineojashub

Decision to provide the following services out of various services provided under Gujarat Government's by the resolution of (1) read by Village Computer Entrepreneur affiliated with e-Gram Vishwagram Society from Village Computer Entrepreneur from e-Gram Vishwagram Center.  Has been done.  Deletion of name from ration card. Adding name to ration card.  Improving ration card.  From the letter (2) read out, it has been stated to take the services related to ration card of this department under "Digital Gujarat Seva Setu" under e-Gram Center. 

(1) Adding Name in Ration Card - Additions of Names in Ration Card (Form No. 2) (2) Deletion of Names in Ration Card Deletion of Names in Ration Card (Form No. 3)  in Ration Card (Form No. 6-7) (2) To correct the address in Ration Card - Correction of Address in Ration Card (Form No. 4 - B) Application for appointment of Ration Card Holder's Palki Guardian  2) (2) To obtain Duplicate Ration Card - For Duplicate Ration Card (Form No. - 2), Thus, subject to the instructions and provisions of (1) to (2) taken from the reading (3) to the Director, Food and Civil Supplies  Has proposed to authorize the concerned Talati to sign and coin the ration card with reference to the application of Form No. 2, 3, 4 (a), 4 (b), 3 and 4 regarding the ration card under "Digital Gujarat Seva Setu" of the State of Gujarat.  .  Different types of ATVT services are being provided by the State Government  Out of these services, the provision of services under the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs through e-Gram Center was under consideration of the Government.

The registered trader (including those registered under the previous law on the prescribed day).  Except for goods falling in and Sales of goods other than those exempted under 3 (2) are taxable.  Considering the definition of 'sales', it includes works contract, lease sale, transfer of right to use goods, service, barter etc.  (Taxes will not be levied if there are deductible sales under section 3 (2) for the first time being registered by a registered trader.)  U.R.D. of a trader who has been granted permission to pay higher taxes.  Purchasing, R.D.  Shopping, A.R.  Taxes are levied on purchases of taxable goods, such as purchases, purchases during imports, branch transfers or re-sales of goods from Jangad and sales of taxable goods produced.  Permitted to pay higher tax but before the end of the year in which the permission was obtained the total taxable turnover is Rs.  If it exceeds Rs.  Sales of taxable goods after Rs 50 lakh are taxable.  For sale of taxable goods in stock on the date of revocation of the trader whose registration number has been canceled for the reasons stated in section 3 (2), tax on sales (except if the tax credit on purchase of such goods exceeds sales tax)  Instead of paying tax, it is taxable.  In the case of works contract, the sale price is to be determined by deducting only the amount of labor charges from the contract amount.  Therefore, after deducting the amount of labor charges on such sales, the remaining amount is considered as the sale price which is taxable on the sale of taxable goods.

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