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Friday, October 9, 2020

Metter of Self-Finance School Fees Officially Letter By Gujarat Government For Year-2020-21


Metter of Self-Finance School Fees Officially Letter By Gujarat Government For Year-2020-21

Self-Finance School Fees Officially Letter By Gujarat Government The debate on which of the government schools and the private school is better has been going on for a long time and this debate is never going to stop. But today we are going to discuss in front of you which of the private schools and government schools is better. Both types of schools have a lot to nurture and build the future champions of India. So which of these two schools is better? Let us know about this.

Private school

– Full attention is given to the physical and mental development of children in private schools. All kinds of facilities are available here for the students in which they can easily learn in which they can go ahead. Infrastructure can help them to have a practical approach to education.

Private schools promote the psychological development of children.

– Private schools maintain better hygiene and environment which is good for the health of students.

Private schools In order to further develop the learning ability of the children, studies are conducted in schools through audio-visual.

– In private schools, attention is also paid to sports etc. for physical development.

– In private schools, students can learn a civilized and modern approach which is further developed in MNC.

Government schools

– Government schools are cheap, not so much eligible to meet basic needs.

Private schools do not accommodate students from low economic groups. Here everyone gets equal education opportunities and there is no discrimination.

– Policies like ‘Free and Compulsory Education’ and ‘Education for Girls’ are applicable only in government schools.

– Students also get sports and basic necessities in government schools.

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Staff of government schools cannot compete with the essential educational requirements of private school staff schools.


Private schools are definitely better than government schools because they provide better infrastructure, better teacher for student ratios,clean and hygiene facilities. But for those parents who cannot afford private school fees, government school is the only option left.

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