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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Navratri Mate Best 50 Garba Ni PDF: File Download Karo

 Navratri Mate Best 50 Garba Ni PDF: File Download Karo

Today is the second day of Navratri. Today, devotees of the mother try to appease them by offering their other forms of worship to mother Brahmacharini. The first syllable of the mother's name is Brahma which means asceticism and Charani means conduct. Mother Brahmacharini holds a garland in her right hand and holds a candle in her left hand. 

According to religious beliefs, mother Brahmacharini had done penance for a thousand years to get Lord Shiva as husband. During this time, the mother spent eating fruits and flowers and performed penance for thousands of years by being dehydrated and starving. Due to which he got the name Brahmacharini. According to religious beliefs, the kundalini power is awakened by the sadhak who practices worship of this form of goddess by law. In this case, let's know how to worship the mother Brahmacharini in what manner and idiot she should worship.


Worship method
To worship Mother Brahmacharini in the second form of Mother Durga, first wash and wash clean clothes. After that, set their picture or idol in place of puja for the worship of Brahmacharini. Offer flowers on it and light lamps and offer offerings. Then read the story of Mother Durga and chant this mantra 108 times below.

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