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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Sarkari Primary School na Sixako Par Mobile Vaprash Nu Bharan Ghatadava Babat Rashtriy Shaikshik Mahasangh NI Rajuaat

 Sarkari Primary School na Sixako Par Mobile Vaprash Nu Bharan Ghatadava Babat Rashtriy Shaikshik Mahasangh NI Rajuaat.

Bharatiya Rashtriya Shikshik Mahasangh

(Affiliate) Rashtriya Shikshik Mahasangh Primary Cadre NA Primary Shikshik Mahasangh - Gujarat (Education Department Accreditation Number: Perch / 122012 / EM-12 / 6/3/19 and PRE / 112019/595 / K on 14/8/19) * Minister of Organization * General Secretary Arunbhai D. Joshi Office: Ratubhai M. Mol Balasinor, Dist. Mahisagar Madhukar Bhavan, 2 - A, L. Colony, Vadgam, Dist. Banaskantha Mo. 9879261520 Near Nehru Nagar, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad-2 Mo. 94273 91927 44 to 47 Dt. Patel Patan. Mo.94270 37209 Senior Vice President Zabhai Nathabhai Patel -5ass Vice President Nibhai Khataubhai Gajera 31204030 Vice President Rabhai Jayotibhai Machhar 202 Vice President Rabhai Dhulabhai Parmar 3191 Vice President Rupabhai Desai 31312. Panchal.5 Minister of Organization, Bhai Ranchodbhai Patel. 5115 Publicity Nabhai Hariharbhai Thacker. 20 Minister Bhai Mahendrabhai Pandya. 20 1st Minister Bhai Ishwarbhai Sabwa ELVEVYReee Minister Drasinh Govindsinh Solanki 212 Minister (Women) Hemangibain V. Patel-3120402 Bhai Thakarshibhai Thakkar. 20202 Internal Auditor Bhai Laxmanbhai Chaudhary. LELOODWYS Regarding giving all trainings through a single app instead of a separate app Reference: - Primary Education Federation, Morbi District J.No.53 Date: 16/10/2020 Hon'ble Sahebshree, Jai Bharat Saha to state that at present children are not coming to school due to Koro epidemic Due to various online activities such as different apps are provided for different trainings, downloading all the apps, it is very difficult to remember everyone's user ID and password and due to many types of apps, even the mobile hangs. Consciousness Training, Home Learning Training, Fit India Training, Nodal Teacher Training, Kovid-19 Training. All these trainings are to be taken on mobile for eighteen consecutive days.

Giving homework from the file. Daily discussions with parents on whether students do homework, scanning and uploading four unit test papers for each child online every month, filling in Khelo India's complex, lobby and hard information online as well as taking virtual classes through Microsoft teams. Problems arise, usually the children of farming and working parents do not have Android mobiles, if any, then their parents have them, when the parents come home, there are two or three children of the same parent where the child is asked to use the mobile, In addition, the teacher has to install the Microsoft Tips app on each parent's mobile and due to lack of internet connectivity-recharge and not every parent in a class can give the phone to their child at the same time, children have difficulty logging in to the Tips app. Happens. Also, due to server downtime in various types of online training, teachers have to stay on mobile constantly. In loyalty training, Diksha app has to be uninstalled and installed frequently. Aap Saheb is requested to relieve the teachers in some possible matters, which can be done in person or by phone contact, out of the burden of online work on mobile. Director Shri, Federation of Primary Education, Gujarat Primary Education, Gujarat State Gandhinagar Treasurer

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