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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

TET Realtes Latest Good News


TET Realtes Latest Good News

validity period of Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) qualifying certificate extended from 7 years to lifetime with retrospective effect from 2011

The government has decided to extend the validity period of the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) qualifying certificate from 7 years to lifetime with retrospective effect from 2011, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' announced today. "This will be a positive step in increasing the employment opportunities for candidates aspiring to make a career in the teaching field," Mr Pokhriyal said.

He further said that the respective state government and union territories will take necessary action to revalidate or issue fresh TET certificates to those candidates whose period of 7 years has already elapsed.

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Candidates who have passed TET once will be able to apply for life, will not have to take this exam again. Hemant Joshi has been removed at the end of 7 years of TE to become a teacher. An important decision has been taken in the recent general meeting that, after passing the TET Teachers Eligibility Test, this test will not have to be given again.

In the present case it was given a time limit of seven years once the TET was passed. If the candidate did not get the job in seven years, he would have to prove his eligibility again. Thus, from now on, millions of candidates in the country will not have to take this exam for the second time in their life after passing the TET.

The decision made at the council meeting will be officially announced soon. B.Ed. in NCTE affiliated college. It is mandatory to give TET to get a job as a teacher after completion. B.Ed. After that every candidate can give this test. If the candidate passes this test then its validity i.e. validity was fixed for seven years.

This means that once a candidate has not been able to get a job for seven consecutive years after passing the TET, he/she can apply or apply for the job OdOjYzId 21421 Sun, 04 October 2020 https: // epaper But if for some reason thousands of Gujarat youth will benefit, the candidate had to pass TET again every year. Due to this decision for thousands of years, thousands of young people in Gujarat, who wanted to become TET teachers again in the eighth year in the circumstances of not getting a job, were no longer ready for most of the TET candidates. Apart from this, if you have to pass this exam for the second time after passing the exam, you will not have to pass this exam due to age and leaving the study.

Usually, seven years had to deal with a variety of difficulties. By now the youth are getting jobs but there were representations and complaints before the council on the issue from some states. Sometimes due to the non-availability of vacancies or in which the term of TET was extended or the time limit of seven years was removed due to lack of vacancy in one’s subject or someone else.


Recently thousands of candidates got body seats even after passing TET for NCTE general reasons. In which one of the many important decisions is not getting a job within the stipulated time. This was done so that from now on, once the seven years have elapsed in the case of passing the TET once again, the candidates will not have to take the exam again for the rest of their lives.

So I had to pass. Now, according to the new rule, the validity of the job or TET was made for life. This new rule will apply to the candidates who have passed the TET once the examination is delayed but the candidates who have already passed the TET for the second time will not face any hassle of clarification. Has not come. The Council is likely to clarify this in the coming days – Ajit Singh Rana, (Member, NCTE Body). 90

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