EDUCATION JOB GK UPDATE: uchchtar pagar dhoran latest pariptra

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

uchchtar pagar dhoran latest pariptra

uchchtar pagar dhoran latest pariptra

uchchtar pagar dhoran ni darkhast taiyar rakhva babat :

Online education is a system of teaching or learning through which students can study online through the internet using their electronic devices like computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets etc. sitting at home. Online education is a way through which teachers and students can connect with each other using the internet from any corner of the world. It is an education system through which teachers can teach any student from anywhere in the world and students can also do their studies in any part of the world.

Today, through this digital education, teachers are educating children with the help of their devices like computers, laptops. Students are studying at home through online education. Many schools today have adopted the online method of study as online education is proving to be very convenient for teachers and students, its operation process is also extremely simple due to which the popularity of online education is increasing.

We were told not to leave the house because of the Kovid-19 epidemic. Due to which all the schools and colleges were also closed, which brought the studies to a standstill. With such circumstances in mind, the online education system was introduced which is proving to be very important today.

Online education has made a place all over the world because of its convenience and easy process of operation. While all sources of education are closed in lockdown, online education system has given a new stop to education and created a different world. Today a new and digital way of education is being adopted all over the world. Today children in all countries of the world are able to study through online education.

All you need is a fast internet connection to get online education. Under this digital education system, teachers educate children using the internet through video. Online education with the help of internet has been popular for years. Let me tell you, the online education system was legalized in 1993. Today, this system of study is rapidly gaining in popularity.

What is online education? (What is Online Education in Hindi) Online Shiksha Kya Hai in Hindi

The best and biggest benefit of online education is that people of all ages can study through it. Due to the current state of the world, today children are not able to study in schools and colleges but online education has made the path of study better and easier for them than before. Through this, children are getting education sitting at home with great ease.

Today, due to closure of schools and colleges, children are not able to study. There are some children who do not have enough resources to complete their studies, they cannot even go to coaching school, online shiksha is proving to be useful for them and for all students.

Any student, regardless of the status of the student, can complete his studies with the help of online education and can get his degree only by watching the exam online. Nowadays all kinds of studies are being done online, you can do any course online.

There are also many students who are not able to study abroad, they can also get education not only in India but also abroad through online education sitting at home. Meaning, students do not have to go abroad or anywhere to study, it will save them both time and money.

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