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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Covid 19: Home Ministry announces new guideline on corona virus, find out what has changed and what rules must be followed

 Covid 19: Home Ministry announces new guideline on corona virus, find out what has changed and what rules must be followed

Centre's new guideline on Corona: Center says states can impose night curfew at will to prevent transition, but approval for lockdownThe central government on Wednesday unveiled new guidelines on Corona.  The Center has said that states should be vigilant.  Strict attitude has to be adopted in terms of supervision, containment and precaution.  States are allowed to impose restrictions based on their status.  Night curfew may also be imposed in cantonment zones.  However, the Center has also clarified that it will be necessary to get the Centre's approval to implement the lockdown locally outside the containment zone.  The Centre's guideline will come into effect from December 1.  

The Center has said that so far we have been successful in the fight against Corona, it has to be maintained even further.  This is evident from the declining number of active cases in the country.  Of course, the festive season and some states have seen an increase in the number of cases.  These states have to be vigilant and strictly enforce containment and surveillance measures.

Guidelines for Surveillance and Containment

 States will have to strictly follow the rules in the containment zone.  Surveillance system has to be strengthened. The district administration has to abide by the guidelines issued by the central government. States are allowed to impose restrictions depending on their situation. A list of containment zones in all districts has to be uploaded on their website.  It will also have to be shared with the Ministry of Health. Strict enforcement in this zone will have to stop the influx of people.  Only essential items and medical supplies will be allowed.  Testing should be carried out as per protocol. Make a list of people who come in contact with the infected person.  They should be identified, tracked and quarantined. Immediate treatment of the infected person should be started.  It is kept in home isolation.  Hospitalization of ILI and SARI cases should be done in case of need and the local unit and the police should be responsible for enforcing the mobile unit's contact controls and enforcing the rules.

 State and Union Territories to adhere to social distance in offices.  In cities where the weekly positivity rate is 10 per cent, office hours should be changed and other necessary steps should be taken. In terms of social distance, offices should not have more than one staff at a time.

 Unlock-5 guidelines were announced two months ago
 The central government had two months ago unveiled the Unlock-5 guideline amid Corona's condition.  In view of the festive season under it, the government had increased the exemption in Unlock-5

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