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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Download pdf std 6 to 8 English spelling meaning 2020

 Download pdf std 6 to 8 English spelling meaning 2020:Dialog Aide, Tanakpur: The latest example of how the level of primary education is falling down can be seen on the inspection of SDM on Thursday.

When the SDM asked the class nine child to spell in English in Dehradun, the children did not tell. On this, the SDM expressed displeasure and ordered the teachers to rectify the situation within a month

Also warned that if the situation does not improve then the salary will be cut.

On Thursday, SDM Dayanand Saraswati conducted a surprise inspection of Rumavi and Pravi Uchauligoth. He first inspected Pravi. Where a teacher was found absent.

Whose application was found on the spot. The school was running a national child health program. In which children were being investigated and made aware. To which SDM described her as superior.

At the same time, he questioned the children, on which he appeared quite satisfied. Later he reached Raumavi. Where he reached the English subject class of class nine. Where he asked many questions to the children but he could not answer. Later, when he asked spelling of the state capital of Dehradun in English, the children started crying. The SDM expressed displeasure with the teachers for not knowing the children and warned them to improve the situation within a month. Otherwise salary will be deducted.

Download std 6 spelling

Download std 7 spelling

Download std 8 spelling

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