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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Lose weight without dieting all information How to loose waight

Lose weight without dieting all information How to loose waight

By choosing healthy over thin you are choosing love for yourself for personal decision. ut stay with me when I explain why.Diet and weight loss tendencies have actually led to weight gain and poor health outcomes in our population.

Our culture has been plagued by weight loss for generations. We are constantly being ridiculed for making ridiculous claims about losing fat through increasingly miraculous diets. It has been going on for hundreds of years.So it’s like morale, how does it all work for us? Is our population getting smaller and healthier? Approximately. .Lutu is true.

Of course, we think diet works because often when we jump on another new plan, initial weight loss happens fairly easily. We are excited and will tell everyone that what we have got will hear the new miracle diet and how good we feel.

And when will we regain weight? Well, that’s our fault, isn’t it?We only recognize it because we are stupid and “fall off the track”, right?This is what the food industry has cleverly programmed to believe us.We have been taught that any weight gain is negative, which is not only a fatal failure, but also a sign of laziness, gluttony and self-control. So we were also taught to be ashamed.

Not only that, but it is also contributing to unhealthy eating and killing us by causing eating disorders. We die to be thin. Often, literally. And again, I ask, how does it work for us? How many years (or someone you know) have you been trying to lose weight?

What about weight loss? Well, it’s always the holy grail of winning life, right? It’s the perfect event to be celebrated! So the “problem to solve” diet. But long-term diet studies show that most people gain weight over time due to a weight loss diet. Our passion for weight loss builds weight gain. But we don’t even need studies to prove it, we already know it because, in real life, we’ve seen it happen every day.

I usually talk to women who are starting to follow a teenage (or less) diet, who are now in their sixties and seventies and who have spent their entire lives struggling to lose weight, only to never lose weight permanently. .

In fact, this is significantly more common than actually losing weight, keeping it off, and living happily ever after. The really annoying thing is that we know it. The failure rate of weight loss efforts is so well known that it has become a joke. There are millions of memes and jokes floating around on the internet.


If a person tries to lose weight, he is expected to fail before he starts. We know that weight loss efforts are not working for us, but we are soldiers … forever afraid that if we ever give up the struggle for weight control how much we can achieve, without realizing that struggle is very causal. Problems.

I prefer to use my friend, whom we will call Mary because Mary was me. It’s you She is your sister, daughter, mother, friend, and collaborator. Mary loves food. Who isn’t, am I right? But he eats often when he is not physically hungry or continues to eat even though he is very full. After a while, start gaining weight a little. He lives in a world that believes that gaining weight is a tragic fate that he should avoid at all costs, so he begins to judge himself.

The fixation on diet and weight loss are due to the inevitable stigma associated with weight loss, in any way necessary for our society with health. She is afraid of gaining weight. He has learned the habit of relying on food in his mind to solve any “problem” or calm any emotion, so fear sends a signal to “eat” the autopilot.

Since he started a restricted diet that eliminates a ton of food he used to eat (many of which his body really needs to function better), his brain’s tendency to survive is frightened by hunger and builds cravings and stress. doing. Make a “cave” on his diet. More signs “eat”.

More fear. Fear that he will never stick to anything. Fear that will continue to earn. Fear of making decisions from others due to his growing body.

Shame feels like his bad guy. He hates his body and struggles to love himselfShe begins to make increasingly fear-driven and loved choices for her body as she is stuck in that cycle, such as

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