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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Matter of pre-preparation to start the academic session of the probable school on 23/11/2020.


Matter of pre-preparation to start the academic session of the probable school on 23/11/2020.

REFERENCES - Guidelines on CoVID (SOP) issued by the Central Government.

       According to the above subject and context, it is to be mentioned that from next 23/11/2020, a possible new academic session for students has to be started amidst the epidemic challenges of coVID19. With the efforts of the education department and the cooperation of all of you, the educational work of the first semester of the students has been successfully done through online-virtual classroom, home learning.

When you are going to start direct educational work in schools in the near future, you will ensure that the guidelines of coVID19 regarding the health of the students of the school and the entire school family are fully complied with. When the vacation opens, from 18/11/2020, while from 23/11/2020, for the students.
  • We will ensure that the entire school building campus is completely sanitized before the start of school.
  • Necessary amount of soap, sanitizer, thermal gun, mask etc. will be available in the school.
  • Maintain cleanliness throughout the school campus (classrooms, lobby, staff room, office office, library, laboratory, etc.) and especially urinal and drinking water and ensure that it is cleaned daily before school hours and after school hours. Should. For this, if necessary, a committee of teachers and students as well as parents can be formed.
  • We will guide the students / parents about the things to keep in mind under coVID-19 keeping in view the instructions of the guide by the school teachers.
  • In the staff room, the study work of the seating arrangement should be organized in such a way that the required distance (5 feet) is maintained between the teachers and the students in the seating arrangement of the students.
  • DIsPAY should be read at various places in the school in such a way that students / parents / visitors can read the necessary instructions under coVID-19 and other necessary instructions at various places on the school campus.
  • Necessary arrangements should be made for the purpose of maintaining social distance at the time of admission of students and after school hours.
  • We will get written guarantee letters from each of the parents before the students come to the school. It is the responsibility of the principal to get the guarantee letters from the parents.
  • We will arrange PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT in the school if required so that necessary instruction regarding OVI49 can be given from time to time.
  • Social distance should be maintained throughout the school and any students, teachers or other visitors in the school Make sure to use a mask,
  • Give students an understanding so that they do not touch anything or any other place unnecessarily.
  • During the recess time, especially the social distance should be maintained and the students will be guided to avoid any kind of exchange (breakfast, study material) between the students.
  • No meeting will be held in the school so that the crowd does not gather in one place and social distance is maintained.
  • Arrangements should be made to do the morning prayer in the classroom.
  • We will make arrangements for online education for the students who cannot come to school.
  • If any students are infected with covID-19, we will not insist on their attendanlce. Also, the presence of students pursuing ONLINE education is not compulsory.
  • Thermal screening, mask and maintenance of social distance should be made compulsory for all the staff / students, parents coming to the school campus.
  • All the vehicles which provide school transport facilities to the students from the school should also be fully sanitized and the students should be ensured to maintain the required social distance in the vehicles as per the guidelines of coVID-49.
  • Students who use public / private vehicles should also be guided by them / their parents regarding social distance.
  • To implement coVID49 guidelines for the study of school students, coordination will have to be maintained with the health department, panchayat, municipality, corporation, as well as police and administration.
Important Link:

Bhavnagar District Circular:

The instructions that will be released from the Education Department, Gandhinagar in the near future will be sent to you. These instructions and the instructions from time to time from the Department of Health and the Department of Education must be fully complied with. Each school will have to report daily according to its sVs and also report any situational incidents which you will take note of.

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