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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Today is not 'cheating' but 'cheating', find out why there are 'costly' days

Today is not 'cheating' but 'cheating', find out why there are 'costly' days

Due to the dates this time in the Diwali festivities, there is confusion over which day to celebrate Diwali and New Year. In which, till yesterday afternoon, Diwali festival is being celebrated on Kali Chaudhash and in the afternoon. So today is the year of sitting on Sunday or the perfect day? There is a lot of confusion among the people about that. New Year's on Monday. Celebrations can be done and today, Sunday, will be a day of betrayal. But today we will give information about the costing day i.e. 'cheating'. Why the costly day is coming. Let's find out. Vikram Samvat's calendar is based on the motion of the moon.
All natural phenomena on the earth are based on the motion of the moon relative to the earth and the earth relative to the sun.

Usually the months of Vikram Samvat are determined by the moon which enters that constellation. The beginning of each month, which begins with the entry of the Moon into that constellation. Such as, Kartak Mass from 'Kritika' constellation, Magshar from 'Mrigashirsha' constellation, Posh from 'Pushya', Maha from 'Magha' etc. Similarly, after the new moon of the month of 'Aso', the Moon has to enter the constellation 'Kritika'. Since the Moon's orbit relative to the Earth is not in a 'full day', sometimes it cannot enter the 'Kritika' constellation i.e. the Moon betrayed (cheat ... ??). So the day does not become a unit of that month, the next day a new month starts from the unit.

But 'Diwali' i.e. after the new moon of this month, Vikram Samvat is considered complete. Also, the new year has not started so this day is considered as a buffer day between the two years. In the old days, according to Vikram Samvat, traders kept their shop books, Diwali book of that year is completed and New Year book has not started yet, so if the shop is traded, where to register it ... ?? To solve this problem, a day off is kept which is actually called cheating.

Today is not 'cheating' but 'cheating', find out why there are 'costly' days

પડતર દિવસ વિશે જાણવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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