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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Today's latest education news update

 Today's latest education news update

In Gujarat. Schools will not start till 1st. Promotion of giving monthly promotion in 1st to 8th Gandhinagar, Ta. No decision has been taken in Gujarat as far as corona virus is concerned. The move will increase the number of kisses for millions of students as schools will have health protection in the state till Diwali before November 23. In addition, the decision to reopen the new school has been canceled. However, after Diwali, all the granted non-granted, self-sufficient Sir Kar schools could not be started even after 31st December. There is no possibility for the law and education department to do the same, including online. It will also facilitate online study from March, the board said. Under the circumstances, teaching is done in Std. So the interest of the study parents in online is maintained and the next promotion has to be given. If not, 30% of the children start their routine as per the standard while only three in standard 9 and 11 are studying online. If the schools have been reopened on December 6, | The result can be declared by taking the annual examination of the main subject. Possibility of taking board examination with OMR method with 50% syllabus; Std. 5% of the students of 9th and 11th standard are likely to be examined in only three subjects which are taken by course and OMR method. There are possibilities. Normally, if Zulu is closed for a few months, the demand for mass promotion of Vighathamini starts from June 15, but more than 200 days of this study will be wasted. Done and started online, will be available today. It is not possible to start offline schools and complete the course till the day when the entire Patada has been shifted. This is Naresh Shah, the president of the guardianship Gujarat Board of Education is not in a position to start flowering in view of the current condition of Pulse Corona by 31st December. Curriculum has been cut by 30%. Students of Std. As many as 200 days of academic work has been spent in preparation, even if there were schools, when the students of Std. 9th and 11th started getting online after December. But if there is a syllabus in it, it demanded to decide the syllabus and it can be difficult to teach like standard 10 online, and to take the board exam of 12, no. So that if the student body's curriculum is presented to the government by the board of guardians, it has a good effect on informing the parents quickly. December 31, 2020-21, at the request of the High Court order Even after school starts, there are 60 days left for the May session. There is also a demand from the parents that the schools have to remain open for months by evaluating the schools in their own way since the schools are closed and when the current situation arises, in which special monthly or quarterly examinations will be held. Therefore, to give special promotion to the students, full knowledge should be measured. Considering the increasing number of cases, the possibility of starting schools even after December was considered as zero year.

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