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Tuesday, November 24, 2020



Vadh badli niyam gr

Vadh ghat badli niyam gr

As the pre-service (P.T.C.) training opens at the dawn of the 21st century, the abilities acquired by teachers in all fields, as well as the eye-catching skills of rapid change, are eroded by the changing times.  Why school or society are going after it.  It can be regular!  Renewal if EA. 

 There should be new challenges in the coming decades of RK stealing training as per the need of the beginning of the twentieth century, the first teacher-trainer should be able to come to the well only if it is in the well but it will be an indispensable need along with the basic need!  The same is true in the well as in the well.  With the exception of the last few times, the teachers will have the same career as the teacher - the children will get only one time teacher-trainer (training) or the same opportunity to develop it. 

 The changing was in Apiva.  As a result, she is able to cope with the challenges of her time, to make the child happy - or to come out of the house.  Simultaneous transformation requires training of teachers.  He is not ready to accept what he is getting, it is a matter of teacher training in the present times but today there have been radical changes in the field of education.  It has a chain from the national level to the Cluster Resource Center National - Education Policy 1986 (Revised 1992) (C.R.C.), through which training is provided from time to time on the geology of the Minimum Study Level (M.L.L.) as required. 

 These trainings are also provided.  As a result, textbooks have changed as well - their strategies have changed over time - and there have been significant improvements in teaching materials.  Remaining is also taken care of.  Capacity oriented approach has been implemented all over Gujarat in 1995 with the help of which activity and enjoyable education gained importance.  Through the activity, the child assumes a solid experience instead of keeping the training given to the teachers of Std. 1 to 2 when he remembers the amount of information and knowledge and finally school readiness and joyful learning.  Thus you will be able to clearly see the difference between training that encourages primary education and you will have heard that many educational activities are being implemented. 

 The narrative method was used to the maximum in the first time training - along with the universalization of the trainee's primary education, the participation of the education was not a one-way situation.  When this quality level rises and all these activities, the teacher's role in the last "school readiness" training is effectively established, the teacher's role is assimilated by experiencing extreme activities - it is important in itself.  

The teacher plays this important role of singing, acting ..... and instead of teaching the children to be able to take firm steps towards the expected result, training is just as important for the child to learn on his own.  Creates an environment ... Today's work-oriented education extending from Std. 1 to 6 thus improves the quality of education as well as (tomorrow, will be implemented in Std. 7). Professional readiness of the teacher is constantly being assimilated in the children.  

 Teachers have a certain level of ability to achieve this level of quality-oriented expectations for quality schooling.  (This special issue discusses in detail the capacity-based and commitment-oriented teacher training.) This is about realizing expectations.  There is no hope that all of you will like it, teachers should be given effective training to do it and based on a research it has been realized that it is very important to give vocational training to the teacher.  Equally important are the study requirements with the director.  Gu.  Shai.  Q.  And Ta.  Parishad Gandhinagar 1 1 us) Big


Vadh badli niyam gr

Vadh ghat badli niyam gr 


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