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Friday, December 4, 2020

CORONA VACCINE NEWS All party meeting on corona

 CORONA VACCINE NEWS All party meeting on corona: Modi says corona vaccine will be ready in a few weeks, first vaccine to be given to sick, elderly and health workers 

The government today held an all-party meeting on Korona.  The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi via video conference.  He said there was no need to wait for the corona vaccine, the vaccine would be ready in a few weeks.  This is Modi's first and most important meeting after discussions with vaccine companies.  That said, the corona vaccine will be ready in a few weeks, the first vaccine will be given to the sick, the elderly and health workers.

 The Prime Minister has been very active about the vaccine for a week now.  On November 28, he visited the Serum Institute in Pune, Zydus Biotech Park in Ahmedabad and Bharat Biotech Face in Hyderabad to review the preparations.  Geneva Biopharma, Biological E and Dr. by video-conference on 30 November.  Discussed with Reddy's team.  The PM advised him to make extra effort to explain to the general public in simple words about the effects of vaccines.
No more waiting for the vaccine
 The trial of 3 different vaccines in India is in different stages.  Experts believe that there is no need to wait for the vaccine.  The vaccine is expected to be ready in the next few weeks.  Vaccination will be started in India as soon as the scientists get the green light.  The Center is also working on the suggestion of the states as to who will be vaccinated in the first phase.  Priority will be given to healthcare workers, frontline workers and those who are already battling serious illnesses.

We are better than other countries
 The Center and the state team are also working together on the distribution of vaccines.  We are the best compared to other countries.  We have the world's largest and most experienced network for vaccinations.  Any further need is also being assessed.  Efforts are underway to strengthen the cold chain.  India has developed special software in which the beneficiaries of the corona vaccine can get real-time information related to the vaccine.  The National Expert Group has been given the responsibility of the campaign linked to the corona vaccine.  The group is working closely with state governments.  Decisions will be made from this group according to national and local needs.

Price decision pending
 The question of the cost of the vaccine is also natural.  The Center is in talks with the states in this regard.  The decision will be taken by giving top priority to public health.  India today is one of the countries where testing is increasing day by day.  India is one of the countries where recovery rate is high and mortality rate is declining.  The manner in which we fought the Corona shows the will of every countryman.  India has fought the battle better than the developed countries.

Avoid rumors
 We are not only concerned about the citizens of our country, but also working to help other countries.  India has embarked on a long journey amidst the atmosphere of confidence and hope in December, starting with the anticipatory atmosphere of February-March.  Now that the vaccine is ready, the same public participation is needed.  Suggestions from all your experienced colleagues will also play a role in this from time to time.  When such a big vaccination campaign is going on, many rumors are spread in the society.  This is against the public interest and the national interest.  It is the responsibility of all parties to awaken the citizens of the country and protect them from rumors.

1.39 lakh people die due to epidemic in the country
 So far, 95.71 lakh cases have been registered, out of which 90.15 lakh have been cured and 1.39 lakh people have died.  A total of 4.14 lakh active cases have been registered, which means that so many patients are undergoing treatment.  This figure is the lowest since July 21.  There were a total of 4.12 lakh active cases then.
Probable list of government servants for vaccination
Probable list of government servants for vaccination

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