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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Corona's entry into the school.

Corona in school: Corona positive of 11 students in a trust run school in Keshod

Corona tests were performed by the school

The state government has recently given permission as per the guidelines to reopen secondary schools closed due to corona. Meanwhile, classes of Gho.10 and 12 were started from today in KA Vanpariya complex in Keshod city. Rapid antigen testing of the corona of the students who came for the study in the classes was done. Health officials rushed to the school after 11 students tested positive for corona. The school trust and the system have undertaken a proposal to isolate the students who have tested positive for corona at home.

8 out of 11 live in the city and 3 in hostels

In the KA Vanpariya Patel Kandhya Vigha temple in Keshod, 11 students have been running positively. In this regard, Dr. Ashwin Ajudia, the leader of Kanya Hostel, has said that classes of Gho.10 and 12 have been started in the school of the institute from today. Today, on the first day, the institute conducted a rapid test of the corona antigen of the students present in the class. In which 11 female students are positive. Of these 11, 8 lived in the city and 3 in the school hostel. All of these students did not have any symptoms and did not show any symptoms.

Sanitation work was carried out in the complex

In addition, as part of the vigilance, the institute has coordinated with the system and informed the parents of the 11 positive students. A proposal has been made to isolate all the students. In addition, work has been done to sanitize the entire school complex-hostel. Along with this, other students in the school-campus have been given guidance on how to be vigilant for Corona. At present, not a single positive student has any problem.

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Corona's entry into the school: On the third day of the school opening, the twins in Std. Coroner's student of 12, DEO orders to stop teaching work for a week

The student's antigen test report came positive even before she was admitted to the hostel

As per the guideline of the state government, a school has been started in Gujarat for students of Std. 10 and 12 from January 11. At that time, the report of Korona, a student of Std. 12 of the first twin art school in the state, came positive. Therefore, there is an atmosphere of fear in the world of education. However, it turned out that this student did not go to school. The DEO has ordered a one-week shutdown of teaching at the school.

The school's teaching work will be closed for a week

The DEO has ordered the school to be closed for a week even though the student has not gone to school. The school-hostel has been ordered to close before the student enters the hostel and his / her antigen test is positive. At present, parents are wondering why they should send their children to school. Parents are also worried about coronine.

ts are admitted to schools as per government guidelines

At present students are given admission in Std. 10 and 12 schools of Saurashtra as per government guideline. Sanitation is provided by the schools at the entry point only. As well as seating a limited number of students in a class. However, there is an atmosphere of fear among the parents about Corona.

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