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Sunday, January 31, 2021

I Khedut Yojana 2020 Gujarat...


published after getting approval from the government . The farmer won't be ready to build a wire fence with inferiority or inferiority goods thanks to the planning decided. After constructing the fence, the farmer has got to maintain it at his own cost. Farmers will get the advantage of this scheme just one occasion therein survey number. And the advantage of this scheme won't be available as a member of the re-group for the survey number who possesses the advantage of the scheme earlier. -
In the revised estimates for the year 2020-21, the extra provision has got to be offset and therefore the expenditure has got to be made within the bounds Expenditure are going to be for the aim that the budget has been provided. Expenditure during this regard shall be made within the prescribed manner subject to the provisions determined by the govt from time to time and therefore the applicable norms. The prescribed conditions of the schemes need to be strictly followed. In the matter of tender processing of this work, the provisions and directions made within the matter of "e" tendering as per Resolution No. SPO / 102008/1603 / Ch, Dt. Pursuant to the present approval, if any item is to be procured, it shall be in accordance with the prevailing norms and rules of the govt . ) If any savings remain at the top of the year, they're going to need to be returned. Expenditure during this regard shall be borne from the date of this resolution. UTC under the schemes. It remains to be seen if it'll be sent on time. Grant allotted under this sanction might not be used for the other purpose.

આ પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Required Document :

Khedut Nondhni Patra  No.
7-12, 8-A Khata  No.
Bank Seving Account  No.
Cheque  No.
Aadhar Card  No.
Ration Card  No.
Mobile  No.

Important Link.

Farming / Animal Husbandry / Horticulture / Fisheries / Land and Water Conservation Schemes: Click Here

Click here to check the status of the application / to get a reprint

Apply Application Form : I Khedut Portal
Khedut Mitro Government Ni Sabsidi PatraYojna Ma Online Form Bharva Mate Khedut Nondhni Patrak No. Dwara Arji Kari Sako Cho Ane Je Khedut Mitro Pase Khedut Nondhani Patra Nathi Teo Niche Mujab Na Aadhar Purava Sathe Arji Kari Aapna Taluka Panchayat Kacheri Ae Karel Arji Ni Print Ma Sahi Kari Aapva Ni Rahese.

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