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Monday, January 11, 2021




COMPETENCIES (Abilities) 5 Vaishali Shah Standard - 5 English (Test level) (1) Study Ability Field Listening: Students form literal words, sentences (positive, negative) based on the situation.  1.6.1 Familiarize yourself with English sounds and sound combinations.  (2) Field of Learning Capacity: Reading: 1.5.2 Recognizes the entire oral English rhythm through song-poetry 3.5.1 Textbook, black-board 

and flash-card word representation.  (Understands.) And word-groups read aloud.  1,5.3 Read aloud and speak words and sentences 3.5.2 Read aloud the transverse simple sentences (positive, negative, represented by pictures) in the textbook and understand them.  Understand.  3.53 Reads dialogues and descriptions aloud and understands them 1.5,4 simple questions related to thing, person etc. 

 Understand.  3.6.4 Simple Poetry - Reads songs aloud and understands them 1.5.5 Simple greetings.  Understand.  1.5.6 Understands aloud words and simple sentences.  3.5.5 Interprets the information represented by pictures.  1.5.7 Understands basic numbers up to 50.  And attaches it to the textbook.

  1.5.8 Simple descriptions of individuals and objects in their day-to-day.  Understands from the life of Baroj.  3.5.7 reads a given textbook and associates it with a simple description of individuals with their own 1.5.9 familiar occupations with everyday life experiences.  Understand.  3.5.8 Reads language exercises frequently correctly 15. 10 Understands simple descriptions of places and pictures.  Uses, 1.6.11 reads simple dialogues and conversations about a familiar topic from 3.5.9 aloud to 50 numbers. 

 Understand.  ) Ability to study: Writing: (2) Ability to study - Ability: Statement: Students .. 4.6.1 Capital letters, lowercase letters, punctuation, Suvagya 2.6.1 Correct pronunciation of basic sounds of English language.  Write English, 2.5.2 rhymes, lyrics, and numbers with proper placement in the line.  

Gains skills on the basics of writing.  2.5.3 Translates English words, phrases into textbooks 4.5.2 Translates words, phrases and sentences into English and pronounces sentences correctly.  2.5.4 Prescription (Method) Proper response to Sne greetings 1.5.3 Numbers up to 50, Telephone numbers, Road signs. 

 Words like words and word sets and sentences are true 3.5.5 Write in terms of the situation of very simple ‘yes’ questions, such as textbook |  Chapters, pictures, language games, 4.5.4 Form words and spell them correctly.  Quickly 4.0.5 tables, words obtained, marked exercises are answered for exercises and language related questions.  



પરીક્ષા ટાઇમ ટેબલ ડાઉનલોડ કરો

The structure of sentences, statements and questions based on such 2.5.6 targets simple ‘hana’ in the context of a given situation and writes them correctly.  Asks questions.  4.5.6 Short answers to given questions based on textbook 2.5.7 Asks and writes simple questions based on textbook.  Responds.  4.6,7 Self-aware individuals.  Write two-three simple sentences about things, and '2.5.8 textbook unit, pictures, language exercises, dialogue situation, location, six 9) Jig ..

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