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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The primary school will now have three principals promoted and one filled with H-TAT 2021

 The primary school will now have three principals promoted and one filled with H-TAT 2021

According to the old rule, one principal was promoted and one was directly recruited

Teachers will have to take promotions compulsorily if teachers get promotion as principals they could refuse if they do not want to but now they have to take compulsory promotions as per the new rule. Due to which duty has to be performed at any place of the district where there is a place for the principal.

Teachers working in the state's primary schools and recruited after the year 2010 have been fighting over the issue of 2,500-grade pay for a long time. The state government has released a gadget to address the 2,500-grade pay of teachers. Detailed notification with rules for implementation in this regard will be issued soon. So now with the promotion of teachers, the benefit of 2,500-grade pay, which is considered as headteacher, will be available. As mentioned in the gazette, H-TAT will now be recruited directly from the gazette regarding the promotion and direct recruitment of one teacher against three promotions in the recruitment of primary school principals and one teacher against it.

 A circular issued by the government on June 25, 2019, stated that the grade pay of teachers was Rs 2,500. So that the teachers' service books began to return. Against which the teachers fought. The government later decided to suspend the circular to grade teachers but did not issue an official notification. A gazette has been issued on January 15 regarding the promotion and direct recruitment of teachers as primary school headteachers. Earlier in primary school, when the principal had to be recruited, one post was promoted and one post was recruited directly from HTAT. That was the 1: 1 method. Now, according to the new rule, 3 seats will be filled with promotion, and 1 place will be filled with H-TAT according to the 3: 1 system.

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