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Thursday, January 21, 2021

uchchtar pagar dhoran manjur karva babat


uchchtar pagar dhoran manjur karva babat

If we talk about offline class then you do not have much flexibility in it. In offline you have to take classes according to the time of the batch of coaching.

At the same time, more flexibility is available in the online class. Through online you can take classes according to your time.

Many students take classes at school as well. Online classes are more suitable for such students. They can come online from school and study according to their time.

More interaction with teachers in offline class
In online classes, students have less chance to interact with teachers. At the same time, in coaching class, students can clear the check with the teacher. Each of their classes is taken by teachers.

There are some students who understand more when they are taught by teachers. Coaching class is more useful for such students.

In online class, there is less student interaction of teachers, while some students are less understanding in online class.

# 3
Online class costs less
The cost is more in offline class. Coaching class fees are also high. Along with this, you have to spend money in going to and from coaching class. If you want to do coaching for less cost then online class is very right option for you.

You do not have to go anywhere in online classes and many online classes are also free. So online class costs less.

This coaching saves time
Just like online class saves money, in the same way online class also saves time. You do not have to go anywhere to take a class, which saves your time. At the same time, time goes in the offline class.

# 5
A perfect schedule is made in offline studies
In the offline class, the candidate is able to study by making a correct schedule. In the offline class, you avoid less studies.

So that your syllabus is completed on time and you get full time for revision.

At the same time, you get flexibility in online classes due to which you postpone your studies and you cannot make a proper schedule. Due to this, your syllabus is also not completed on time.

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