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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Full Staff Attadence.


Full Staff Attadence.

Vocational education should be organized as per the requirement of various vocational fields. Cloud-oriented education should be considered as literature and science education sum and their quality should be three years course for vocational education in junior school after standard 8. Senior school should have two years vocational education after standard 11. 

 Junior vocational school should be considered as secondary school equivalent and senior vocational school should be given certificate after passing intermediate vocational course.  In the meantime the candidate provided one or more practical courses in diamond language, then the Education Commission (1964-66) conducted a comprehensive review of education in the whole field and suggested a national pattern for all phases of education and should not underestimate any vocational field.  Yaporvi should.  

Vocational education should be considered as a supplement to other types of education.  Proper vocational training should also be given to skilled workers working in wet industries.  There should be two types of schools for vocational education;  The first is a junior vocational school and the second is a senior vocational school.  Should be considered the equivalent of college.  Mention the quality of work done during the vocational training period.  Should.  Vocational schools should be set up near vocational centers. Part-time classes should be opened for persons engaged in various occupations, workers should be trained in vocational schools / 2.5 days per week and they should be paid full salary for these 2.5 days, in part-time school, provision for training should be made during the day.  mum?

Mahatma Gandhi (1937) emphasized the placement of manual and productive labor in examinations.  In 1938, the Central Advisory Board of Education, Wardha Educational Scheme, set up a committee called Mahatma Gandhi's New Training under the chairmanship of Shri BG Kher. The Committee recommended the implementation of the new training to all the provincial governments.

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📕શિક્ષકો 100% હાજરી બાબત લેટર 05/06/21

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Latest Gujarat Government Circular regarding 100% attendance of employees in Gujarat State Government Office

ગુજરાત રાજયમાં ખાનગી અને સરકારી દરેક ઓફિસ 7 જૂનથી 100 % સ્ટાફ સાથે કરી શકશે કામ.⤵️

100 percent attendance in all offices from Monday to complete the work from home for government employees in the state

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Full Staff Attadence in Primary School from 8/2/2021 in Panchmahal Godhara District 

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 Mahatma Gandhi's educational ideas were "put into practice" by the Zakir Hussain Committee, and "Basic Education" was adopted as a national pattern of education at an early stage in 1938. After India's independence in 1947, the type of education system was discussed.  Religious systems should be adopted, as well as science and technology should be developed for national development. 

The Government of India appointed a commission to suggest educational reforms.  Recommended diversity, which resulted in the establishment of multipurpose schools. These schools include agriculture, home science, business and commerce, fine arts and

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