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Monday, February 1, 2021

Big news about opening colleges across the state, SOP announced by the education department, know what rules have to be followed?

Big news about opening colleges across the state, SOP announced by the education department, know what rules have to be followed?

State Government (State Government) Department of Education (Education Department) next Monday 8 February -2021 has announced the launch of: re-education classroom (Classroom) for the first year students in state colleges (Colleges). The resolution issued by the education department in this regard states that when the classrooms for the first year academic course are started, safe social distance between the two students should be observed as well as seating arrangement of the students should be arranged in Zig-Zag, Stagardman.

The severity of corona infection in the state is decreasing day by day. Then, in the long-term educational interest of the students, the state government had earlier physically started classrooms for all postgraduate, Ph.D. Is. Now, after detailed discussions in a joint meeting of senior officials of the education department and health department, the state government has decided to start colleges to impart classroom-physical education to first year students from Monday, February 8, 2021.

Leading Education Secretary Anju Sharma said the state government would also decide in time to start second year classrooms after reviewing the final year final year and first year-first year class resumption status and other necessary deliberations. The Department of Education has also set up SOPs to reopen all the state-run Samaras Hostels, which were earlier functioning as Covid-19 Designate Centers, as the transition to Koro has slowed down.

Accordingly, as a precautionary measure, hand hygiene, social distance and other necessary measures must be ensured before reopening such a harmonious hostel. According to the SOP, no more than two students will be allowed to stay together in one room in the hostel. Not only that, a student with Covid-19 features will not be allowed to enter or stay in the hostel under any circumstances.


Big news about opening colleges across the state, SOP announced by the education department, know what rules have to be followed?

- Thermal screening of all students staying in the hostel should be ensured.

- Full cleanliness should be maintained in the dining room / kitchen. Avoiding overcrowding. Meals should be served in small groups. Meals in the room for students and staff should be arranged in such a way that it is easy and immediately available.

- The campus of the hostel should be organized in such a way that there is no crowd and for that the number of students should be limited properly. Students will have to be called in stages for this.

- Students are expected to adhere to self-discipline and careful behavior regarding covid on hostel campuses. Students should observe regular and proper hand hygiene, maintain social distance, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, always adhere to wearing face mask.

- Sanitizer should be provided on every floor of the hostel and after exchanging items with students / staff, it is advisable to use sanitizer after touching surfaces like walls, doors, door handles, stair railings, switches etc.

- Kovid is also expected to adhere to social distance standards when using the washroom as a matter of self-discipline as part of precaution.

- Social distance should be maintained in the corridor, no student gathering should be allowed.

- Gathering in any part of the hostel building should not be allowed and students should also avoid meeting in groups.

- Outside the hostel and in the hostel garden, students gather or sit in groups

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