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Sunday, March 28, 2021

An easy trick to check how old your phone is


An easy trick to check how old your phone is

 An easy trick to check how old your phone is




An easy trick to check how old your phone is

Per Shri President / Chairman Shri
Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union and Primary Education Association Gujarat.

Matter of filling 100% vacancies in the subject district transfer camp
            It is very important to tell Jai Bharat that the district has not been relocated for the last several years and that the teacher friends are far from home. It is very important for them to get justice.  As well as stating that the 40% rule is really unfair to teachers.  One hundred percent of the seats in the taluka relocation camp are relocated, so why is the district relocated to only 40% of the seats?  Do not.  If 100% district is reshuffled this year, the teacher friends will get justice and the friends who have been waiting for their homeland for years will be able to go back to their hometowns and the seniority list has also become very long.  On the other hand, the government is recruiting new vacancies to fill the vacancies.  This is a serious question to be addressed on an immediate basis.  At the same time, to say that in all other departments, 100 per cent of the seats are changed to district fairs, then why is there injustice being done to our primary teacher friends?  I hope that the President and the President of the Union will seriously consider this matter and make an immediate decision on the issue of conducting 100% district relocation camps this year and also in the future.
    From all teacher friends.

To inform the President and General Secretary of all the Taluka Sanghs that the District Primary Education Officer has instructed to prepare the proposal of higher salary scale at the taluka level for all the teachers who are yet to get higher pay scale after 2010.  I have discussed this matter with the District Primary Education Officer and as per our submission they have said that we should coordinate with the Taluka Primary Education Officer as soon as possible.  This procedure can be completed and this long demand of teachers can be satisfied Jai Shikshak

An easy trick to check how old your phone is

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