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Friday, April 23, 2021

Standard 9 and 11 Mass Promotion


Standard 9 and 11 Mass Promotion 

Standard 9 and 11 Mass Promotion 

Regarding the instructions to be considered for issuing result sheet and school leaving certificate (S.L.C.) on the basis of standard-09 and standard-11 mass promotion for the academic year 2020-21. 

It is doubtful that the teaching of poetry is a form of work, because it is important to be prepared to associate with the understanding of the composition of the poem, the presentation of a lot in a few words, the subject of the poem, etc.

 It is easy for those who are involved and difficult for those who are involved.  What can be done to make a lesson? How can a student get a pleasant understanding if he is taught poetry? Language - Education - Literature is a humble attempt to present ideas regarding what has been understood, practiced, as well as what has been taught to the students.  : Cultivate Poetry: One has to cultivate interest in penis or poetry. Reading and reciting old and new poems.

 Trying to understand poetry. Reading articles in magazines and newspapers. Taste the gap between our understanding and the critic's understanding.  By doing so, you will get an opportunity to reach the abhidha-lakshana-vyanjana-vangya.  Plan for Poetry Education: There is a stark difference between teaching poetry by going straight to class and teaching poetry by planning.  

Every language teacher will realize this.  The teacher should plan the lessons learned during the training by using the knowledge of unit planning, thinking about the method, method, purpose, questions, activities, contexts, tools for class teaching, it will be very easy for the teacher interested in poetry and will have the benefit of drawing interest for Arsik.  Make the student conscious આપી To know the teaching work to be done in the coming hour, to name a poem, to recite it - to read it, to understand the meaning of new - incomprehensible words, 18 ka shama kameva, its taman man is found in the poem?  May 11, 12 Nung [Varna can do Varna work, his work will be the work of the Sanvali, the meeting, will be helpful in suppressing Bayoni 'La Ma.  Kavyagan in the course of teaching work - recitation in the desert corresponding to the pita or ana prichu bhav of kale ya hi no pita or anachha navagraha, rhythmically, in the appropriate section 2 - to sing in a favorable voice with a pause, to recite the poetry keeping in mind  Both of these functions are discretion, maintaining fairness, understanding, understanding, learning.  Karva, kavyasam gr no arth, kavya-do no arth, phrasono arth, shabda shabda arth, daya-buk atma for the meaning can be found in such a way that kavyagan-pandan should be done.  Poetry or recitation in a beautiful and orderly manner gives a true taste of poetry.  Poetry is the art of the ear.  ’- Poetry is audible art. 

Poetry is useful to arouse interest in students.  After the chanting, the whole class can be recited in a slow voice.  Have two or more (maximum five) students sing in a low voice so that the class next to the school does not get in trouble.  Poetry discussion: Poetry discussion involves students.  By engaging, by asking questions - by doing the necessary activities, by keeping the students together in the class work, not the listeners, they should use their brains, cultivate mental powers, check the aptitude of the ideas.  Shake aane sara - narasano bheed tarve - parekhe. 
ધોરણ 9 અને 11 માસ પ્રમોશન પરિણામ બનાવવા અંગે નો પરીપત્ર
 For this, after the poetry recitation, the teacher should close the textbook, keep the poetry in the mouth, ask the questions corresponding to the poetry, and make the students participate in the discussion.

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