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Monday, May 3, 2021

Puzzle Solution] Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test

 Puzzle Solution] Dimagi Kasrat Koyda Ukel | IQ Test

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Puzzle Answer :-

Answer :

Thnk that you are travelling with 10 passengers in A bus . So initially you are 10 + 1(you) passengers in the bus.

Now in 1st stand two passengers are left and 4 comes in the bus.

Show the passenger in the bus after first stand is  11-2+4=13.

Now on second stand. five left the bus and 2 passengers comes into comes in the bus. The passengers in the bus after second stand is 13 - 5 + 2=10

Now in third stand 2 passengers left the bus and 3comes in the bus. Now pessenger  in the bus after third stand is  10-2+3=11.

So the answer is 11 passengers  left in the bus is 11



It is true that there are a lot of miseries in the life of the devotee, but it is also true that there is never despair on the face of the Lord devotee.

Bhakti does not eradicate sorrow, it just increases the ability to bear sorrow so much that even the greatest grief can appear dwarf in front of it.  Devotion is the makeup of life.  Bhakti is the toilet that enhances the beauty of life.

Lord Shri Ram himself tells Mother Shabari that-
        How is the inferior male Sohi?
       Binu jal barid dekhiya

Dhoria village of Kadi Pargana was known as Madalpur seven hundred years ago.  But in times of turmoil, it was ruined.  A few years later he settled down.  In the village padar, grazing means that the cattle graze here and there and rest under the trees on the shore of the lake.  Hence, it got its name from Madalpur.

At Gondar of this village, there is a five-foot-high paddy field.  An armed horseman is carved in the stone of Paliya.  Sword in one hand, turban on head, caddy dagger.

The story of seven hundred years of heroism is a spring gushing from its vermilion shell.  The Bon-Dikari and Vahuvarus of Dhoria village still observe this Paliya faith.  When it goes to Paliya, it also maintains its malajo.

The darkness of the night when it spreads on all four sides of the village.  A golden page of seven-hundred-year-old history flutters as the sky is filled with twinkling of stars and meteorites falling across the horizon.

Standing in the padar, this palio is still roaming the border of Detroj village with his red-eyed eyes: ‘Stand up, motherfucker of your own?  Is this Pasho Patel alive and my village's Alya? '

There was a time of Rondia seven centuries ago.  The golden rays of the setting sun were playing on the water waves rising from the Padar lake and the elders of the village were sitting in the shade of the trees and talking about the beauty.  Ave Tane came to the village herdsman and said, "It's amazing ... the cows of our village have been herded by a herd of cows.  The enemies who carry it are Zaza and armed.  Our cows have been chased away, challenged and told that if there is a mudslide from your village, send it.  We stand up for it all day. "

The priests sat down and stopped breathing: "So he let go?"

In response, Gowal nodded.

The villagers became like idols: their small and big brains covered with turbans and forks stood stunned!  The eyes below the eyelids are just staring ...!

Miyana was not the only one to go with cows, he had a whole caravan and some other such caravans were annihilated and roamed the villages of Gujarat day and night.  The timbo of Gujarat was like a green field without a dhanidhori .....! The fireplaces of thieves and outlaws were burning non-stop!

From the last remnant of the Rajput era, Sama Rajvi Karandev Vaghela, Alauddin Khilji of Delhi snatched the crown of Gujarat's lordship by giving a bloody dhinganu.  Terrorists would have broken the vultures on the villages of Gujarat which are considered to be meritorious!  ‘Mare ani talwar aur jite enu raj’ - aavo vasmo samay prajanai mathe ubho to.

Poor villages like Kabutar were becoming halal, there was no rao or complaint about it!

In such times only one Dhoria village was intact.  Dhoria's protagonist Pasho Patel was born a Patidar.  Karma tore the mother.  He knows how to use a sword in Dhingana, a stone's throw behind the fugitives!  A hand-wringing person who pulls the enemy's arm from his shoulder if he is handcuffed!

If cows are starving, then a cow devotee who mixes his flying field!  In the village of Gaya with cows, when Radya spoke and Bungyo sounded, songs of his son's wedding were sung in Pasha Patel's yard.  Kharek and sugar were shared.  Mango and Asopalav garlands hung on the barsakh of the house.

‘Who is the two-headed one?’ Hearing the bungio, Pasha Patel rejected the paperwork to buy the auspicious wedding items and jumped towards the sword hanging from the back of the house:  Hey, let’s stop breastfeeding for the sixth time! '

‘Patel?’ The wife laid her hands down with wet eyes: ‘What are you doing?’

‘Dhinganu’ Patel laughed.  ‘Nothing is playing five, I will do the dhinganu and bring back my cows.’ Patel tied the sword and took the jantardo.  He filled the bag with the ball and stepped towards his horse tied in the barn!

Family and relatives beat Patel: ‘Khami jaav, Patel!  We have a son's wedding, we have to get together tomorrow morning, will you go to Dhingana?  Is there any measure of litigation? '


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‘Weights and measures handed over to the merchant’s son!  Shouldn't I ride the cows of my village?  Breastfeeding my Janeta?  Patel's eyes lit up with tears: 'I am building a sword.  Got it?  Move halfway.  The one who stops me is the goddess of the family, go away! '

"Are we coming, Pashabhai?"

‘No need.  If you feel ashamed, correct my son's marriage.  Join her and get married in a colorful way. '

And as Toor leaves Bhatha, Pasha Patel's horse is released ...!

At the border of Detroj, the horse drove towards the caravan of Miyana, which was standing on the cows.

While the villagers of Dhoria were looking for weapons to fight, Pasha Patel's masculinity clashed with Miyana's go and ego.

Seeing this Patidar standing alone behind them, the terrorists burst into tears: ‘Go back, Patelia!  Bho khotri kha!  Isn't this my aunt's house, did Shid get out of the world? '

‘For this!’ Pasha roared.  A single stone of share share weight, began to weave bones into the enemy.  In a jiffy, ten were killed.  Radiarpat sat in the caravan.  Putting the cows down, the Miyanas attacked Pasha's horse together.  Seeing the enemies moving hand in hand, Pasha Patel drew his sword, as if the toothpick of harvest time had started!

Pasha Patel was now wounded by spears.  Pasha Patel grabbed the fork ring in his right hand with a loose spear.  He rolled his eyebrows and pierced the gang leader's chest with a single blow.  Put the hero, so take the caravan and go!

Patel said, "Kill your own species!"

Both the horse and the rider were fatally wounded.  On the footpaths of the farm, a fountain of the combined blood of man and beast, a blood-stained, new cult-shaped village, arrived.

‘Rang is the color of Javanmarad Pashabhai.’ The villagers, armed with weapons, marched in front of Gondre, the bloodthirsty horse and the cavalry:

‘Well done!  Master of curly mustache!  The sword is tied, Pashabhai! '

Before Pashabhai could respond to these greetings, his horse fell to the ground with a jolt, and with it his horse, like a wet, dripping garment, bled and fell to the ground.

When he left Dhoria village in Gondre with his last breath, the lamp went up and the Ramji temple fell.

From the eyes of thousands of Dhoriya residents, Ganga-Jamna flows on the martyrdom of this man who is a man Kasubanl!

Note: The five feet high paliyo of this Pashabhai Patel still stands at Dhoria village in Gondre.  Pashabhai's descendants live in Mahmudpura village of Dashkaroi taluka of Ahmedabad district.  However, every year his brother-in-law comes to Dhoria village to offer oil and vermilion to his ancestor.

Just as a cloud without water becomes glorified and unusable, similarly the life of a devotionless man should also be understood.

  Trust in the sovereign feet strengthens our inner self by maintaining positivity in us.  Truthfully, devotion instills courage in a person.  Hanumanji Maharaj did not become such courageous and powerful.  Tell the truth, they have also become courageous and powerful due to the glory of devotion.

Strong sense of devotion and service should be strong, for this, strong fortification of devotional queen becomes mandatory.






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