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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

School Inspector (Si) Kamgiri Babat Latest Pariptra

 School Inspector (Si) Kamgiri Babat Latest Pariptra

School Inspection/External School Evaluation

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, schools are inspected annually and an inspection lasts between half a day and 1 day. Inspectors have responsibility for about 100 primary schools or 40 secondary schools and each school will know its inspectors, thus ensuring that the inspection is not carried out by a stranger, as it is under the English system of privatized or contracted inspection teams. There is therefore a continuing relationship between the school and its inspector.

The Dutch Supervision Act of 2002 states that “through inspection the government guarantees that schools will deliver a satisfactory level of educational quality for all citizens,” and that as a result of inspection “the government stimulates schools to develop their own quality assurance systems, which will lead to improvement in the quality of education.” The inspection framework for assessing school performance includes aspects of the teaching–learning process, the school's results and the school organizational conditions (e.g., policies and processes). Three core aspects of school inspection which, in the Supervision Act, are assumed to promote school improvement are: quality assessment, proportionate inspection, and the publication of inspection findings.

When a school is deemed to be failing or underperforming, the Dutch inspectorate can only take action if the school does not comply with the legal regulations. Schools in the Netherlands have considerable freedom and autonomy; central government and the inspectorate have a reserved role compared to their English counterparts. Whereas action plans are obligatory in England, and follow-up school visits in cases of school underperformance will take place regularly, this is not always the case in the Netherlands. Dutch schools may also be requested to describe the implementation of their school improvement action plans which should be monitored by the school's inspector. In both countries, school inspection reports are published on the Internet.

EEN knows how to deal with discrimination, corporal punishment, abuse or harassment In addition, teachers need to adopt their teaching methods and pedagogical methods in the best possible way so that all children can participate equally in the learning process.


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